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    Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards

    Diana Cooper

    The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards is a  beautiful 44-card deck from bestselling author Diana Cooper. It offers guidance, wisdom and encouragement to follow your unicorn guides on the pathway to enlightenment.

    Discover how to connect with your unicorn guides, advance on your ascension path and attract more love, light, healing and happiness with these magical cards.

    Unicorns are beings of the angelic realms who are returning to Earth to aid us on our path to ascension. They bring messages of hope and remind us to stay positive as we prepare for a golden future. Bestselling author Diana Cooper has created this stunning oracle deck to help you meet your personal unicorn guide, embark on a spiritual path and work with the great energies of the universe on your ascension journey.

    Working with the 44 beautifully illustrated cards will inspire and awaken your mind to your spiritual quest. Also, you’ll discover how to awaken your psychic abilities, open your heart, be ready to receive abundance and blessings, stand in your power, receive soul healing, strengthen your trust, manifest your dreams, light the way for others and reach your divine potential.

    The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards will lead you step by step on your journey toward enlightenment. Let the unicorns show you the way!

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    Manifesting with the Fairies

    Karen Kay

    Call upon the fairies to grant your wishes with this magical Manifesting with the Fairies oracle from renowned fairy expert Karen Kay.

    Fairies are the Earth’s original manifesters. In this deck, fairy whisperer Karen Kay shows you how to call upon their kindness to manifest your deepest desires. That includes, but is not limited to, health, wealth or happiness.

    Artist Jane Delaford Taylor beautifully illustrated these cards. Also, the deck comprises 44 cards and a guidebook, with examples of ideas for layouts ­– from basic, quick readings, to more in-depth insights. Each card shows the wish a particular fairy is granting, along with affirmations and ways you can actually manifest this wish. All of these are fully explained in the guidebook.

    Also, As you deepen your connection with the fairies, you’ll discover how to open up to your inner power and strengthen your intuition.

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    Divine Masters Oracle

    Kyle Gray

    The Divine Masters Oracle card deck brings together a congregation of enlightened souls who have dedicated themselves to the healing and nurturing of the world. These beings are universal spiritual guides and, like angels, anyone can connect and work with them, no matter their background or experience.

    You may already know some of them—Mary Magdalene, Buddha and Horus—but there are many more, and they are all ready to support you on your spiritual path. All you have to do is call upon them.

    Use this oracle card deck to connect and communicate directly with these beings. When your intention is combined with the imagery, meanings, and messages of the cards, guidance from the Divine Masters will come to you not just through the cards, but from within too.

    This 44-card deck acts as a bridge of light for you to connect directly with these beings and receive their guidance. Let this connection become an exciting spiritual process that supports the raising of your vibration and leads you to a life filled with meaning and purpose.”

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    Affirmations for Forgiveness

    Louise Hay

    12 Affirmations for Forgiveness, to let go of the past and set yourself free from beloved self-help pioneer Louise Hay.

    These cards were created to help you bring about forgiveness in your everyday life. Forgiveness means releasing regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, resentment, and sometimes even the desire for revenge. How do you start? By being willing to let get of the past. Be willing to release your emotional attachment to your memories of yesterday. The past is over, and this is a new day.

    You can set yourself free by changing your thinking. The more you forgive, the more love you will have to express. It’s no fun being a victim. Refuse to be helpless anymore. Claim your own power!

    Choose a card each morning, and it will be your positive message for the day!

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    Essential Oils Oracle Cards

    The Essential Oils Oracle Cards are a hands-on tool for intuitively connecting with the healing wisdom of plant spirits. This full-color 40-card deck describes the spiritual and healing powers of the plant spirit featured. In addition, they include practical uses of the corresponding essential oil, an affirmation, resonant keywords, and corresponding chakras. The booklet explains how to use the cards on a therapeutic level, for aromatherapy practice, and as an oracle.
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    Astro-Cards Oracle
    Dive into the magical world of astrology with this fascinating Astro-Cards Oracle cards. They will help you understand your own birth horoscope & discover unimagined abilities within yourself. They decipher for you the secrets of the 12 zodiac signs, 12 planets, 12 houses, & calculation points such as Lilith & the Moon’s Nodes.

    The Astro-Cards also accompany you through the astrological year. Use them for readings about moon phases, zodiac signs, planetary constellations, etc. or for specific life questions.

    In the booklet, the astrologist Tanja Brock clarifies in-depth the backgrounds & contexts, explains each card, and gives numerous examples and ideas for using the cards.

    Embark on an exciting journey to yourself!

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    Little Box 0f Mindfulness

    Mindfulness doesn’t always come easily, and it can help to be reminded of it from time to time with this Little Box of Mindfulness. This deck of 52 cards will help facilitate and encourage your presence of mind, and to bring small moments of peace and happiness into your day.

    The Little Box of Mindfulness contains a set of 52 beautifully designed cards to encourage greater presence of mind and bring small moments of peace and happiness into your daily life. Display each card individually using the wooden stand. Brighten up any shelf, windowsill, office, desk or side table.

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    Ascension Oracle

    Connect to your sacred light.
    The Ascension Oracle serves to support and guide the world through the current period of immense, accelerated change. The cards serve as an alchemical medium that will assist you to raise your frequency in preparation for your next vibrational world of experience and assist you to adjust to the influx of energy streaming in. Have you been feeling a growing discomfort within yourself as you move through the evolution of expanded consciousness? Have you been feeling the uneasiness of not knowing what is next?

    Through beautifully channelled imagery and messages, this deck encourages you to tune in to your own highest resonance of deeper truth, to ascend to greater heights through the stripping away of dualistic perceptions and illusionary layers of untruths. Comprised of 36 cards, this oracle is for those who wish to raise their vibration with more ease and unfold to the full embodiment of absolute love.

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    Moonology Messages Oracle

    Yasmin Boland

    The Moon is whispering to you – are you listening?

    The Moonology Messages Oracle is a powerful divination tool that will connect you to your own innate wisdom and intuition.

    The ever-changing Moon speaks to those of us who are listening – leaving clues, hints and messages, which come through as feelings. These cards tap into those feelings, to offer clear guidance about you situation; where you are and the best way forwards.

    All you need to do is listen to Her whispers. The Moonology™ Messages Oracle taps into the Moon’s message via 48 beautiful Moon symbols, helping you navigate tricky times and back to peace.

    Be inspired to take action based on your inner knowing. The mystical Moon is there for us and guiding us. Use this oracle to ask a question and She will light the path ahead. Let Her help you access your own wisdom and knowledge.

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    Angels & Auras Oracle

    Radleigh Valentine and Dougall Fraser

    Receive divine guidance, decode auras, and weave healing color energy into your spiritual practice with this powerful and playful Angels & Auras Oracle deck.

    Angels & Auras is a powerful and playful approach to self-discovery and divination for all those looking to bring magical vibrancy to their spiritual practice. Also, infuse some much-needed color back into your life!

    Within the Angels and Auras Oracle, 12 core cards represent specific archangels and their aura colors. These lead the reader down a path of self-discovery. These cards demonstrate how the angels regularly speak to us through the language of color. The remaining cards provide a heavenly chorus of support and are purposefully created with divine wisdom in mind. Each message depicts colorful images to inspire and remind the reader that we live in a vibrant world of energy.

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    She Sirens Oracle

    Lisa Lister

    Discover your inner siren and unleash the freedom, love, power and pleasure from within with the She Sirens Oracle. From the bestselling author of Witch.

    It’s time to stop apologizing for who you are. Throughout time, the term ‘sirens’ has been used to describe women who are dangerous. With this beautiful new oracle, Lisa Lister shows you a different perspective. In addition you will discover that sirens hold the key to the feminine aspects of empowerment, confidence and more. Also, wild, free, embodied, cyclical, all-knowing, they are way-showers for insight, wonder and revealment.

    Each card, channeled and illustrated by Lisa, supports you as you remember, reclaim and have fierce reverence for the beautiful, messy, complex, glorious siren that you are. Allow the SHE Sirens to sing songs of encouragement as you navigate the terrain of your own wild and unapologetic shores.

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  • green witch oracle

    Green Witch Oracle

    Cheralyn Darcey

    Step into the enchanted garden and discover real secrets of the Green Witch Oracle natural magick.

    Explore the hidden powers of the Green Witch and her sacred herbs, plants, and flowers through folklore, healing properties, garden magick, and hidden messages. These forty-four cards allow you to draw upon both the magickal and medicinal aspects of the garden. Ethnobotanical and plant folklore historical facts are sprinkled throughout the guidebook enclosed, along with gardening advice and spells. Oracle meanings are completely aligned with the doctrine of signatures to enable this deck to be used as a complementary medicine modality tool.

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  • Urban Crow Oracle

    Urban Crow Oracle

    MJ Cullinane

    Like dark sentinels observing our world through intelligent black eyes, many see crows as foreboding omens. But crows bond, mourn, play, and even remember faces, offering gifts to humans they like and dive-bombing humans who have wronged them. This 54-card oracle deck and guidebook connects you to the mystical messages and intuitive insights of these clever and captivating birds, from the sacred space of a nest to the gift of a shiny trinket.

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  • Healing Waters Oracle

    Healing Waters Oracle

    Discover the sacred healing powers of water and find support, connection, and guidance with this beautiful 44-card activating oracle from Rebecca Campbell.


    From the watery world of the mother to the sacred waters of the world, the physical and mystical element of water has been revered since ancient times as holding the power to heal.

    The Healing Waters Oracle is a call to tune in to the sacred rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans that surround us, and celebrate water as our most precious resource. Where there is water there is Life; where there is Life there is water. This oracle and accompanying guidebook invite us to see water and all of Life as sacred.

    Complete with mesmerizing digital montage imagery from visionary artist Katie-Louise, this activating oracle card deck was created by Rebecca Campbell, the best-selling author of Light Is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise, and creator of the Work Your Light Oracle, The Starseed Oracle and The Rose Oracle.

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  • Enchanted Animal Oracle Cards

    Enchanted Animal Oracle Cards

    By Nick Bibes

    The Enchanted Animal Oracle Cards have been created by Nick Bibes to help you find your way back to your true self. With gorgeous animal illustrations by Kate McCredie and inspirational messages inspired by Spirit, this oracle deck can be used in several different ways to receive direction. The animals bring one message, while the star on the reverse offers another. Use a single card as a daily affirmation cards or hold a question in your mind and pick a card for guidance. You can also use them in a spread to offer deeper insights into aspects of your life. These cards have been created for you to find your way safely home, back to your enchanted self. 45 cards & 88pp guidebook.

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  • 97819225736989781922573698

    Luminous Humanness Oracle

    By Kelly Sullivan Walden

    The Luminous Humanness Oracle is simply stunning.

    To be luminous is to be at ease with your inner gold. In feeling and freeing your authentic, connected, and whole self, your light illuminates your path and possibilities so you can move forward in confidence and clarity, excited for all that awaits you.

    Bestselling author Kelly Sullivan Walden rolls insight, imagination, and joy into this gorgeous oracle, elevating perspective and turning everyday tedium into treasured moments and glowing experiences. Laila Savolainen’s artworks allow you to hold the transcendent in your hands and its truths in your heart. Play with these cards for a few minutes each day to invite a more radiant life to meet you, wherever you are at.

    A beautiful 44-card and 116-page guidebook set for guidance, contemplation, self-discovery, and finding your shine.

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