Angel Times is based in Limerick City and is a dedicated Angel Shop. We provide a range of products and services to help and support our customer’s holistic journey. We aim to offer the the most choice of products and therapies that we can from Angels to Incense and from Angel Workshops to Psychic Readings.

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Monday to Saturday – 10am to 5.30pm.

Angel Times Shannon Street

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Our Wonderful Studio

The Studio at Angel Times

At Angel Times we have a wonderful Studio available on the basement level, flooded with natural light. This space is available to hire for meetings, workshops, readings, events and therapies as well as exercise classes like yoga, pilates and Zumba. This space is fully self-contained and separate to the shop for added privacy and flexibility. We can offer space on a half day, full day, evening and weekend basis. For more details you can call us on 061 317721 or email [email protected].

Our Best Sellers

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    Rustic Candle

    The Rustic Candle is made from high-end cleaned paraffin wax and are free of residues and are classified as harmless for health.

    During the manufacturing process they remove all unwanted impurities, contaminations and side-products.

    The colour of the rustic candles go through the candle fully.

    They also exclusively use wicks made from 100% cotton.

    2.2 x 18 cm

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  • 1.003.00

    Rose Quartz Rough

    A Rose Quartz Rough is a stone of  unconditional love. It works with the heart/heart chakra and brings inner healing and calm.

    It attracts love and is very good for trauma or crisis.

    You can build a Rose Quartz grid around your house by placing a crystal in each corner. This blocks negative energy from entering your space and creates a gentle loving atmosphere within the grid. It removes negative energy and replaces it with love. Keeping it close will enhance a positive attitude and in addition will make the beauty of your life more visible to you.

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  • 3.508.00

    Crystal Chip Bracelet

    This is a variety of 53mm Crystal Chip Bracelet available in several different types of crystals. Bracelets include Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, New Jade and Chakra.

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    Have your gifts wrapped by us free of charge.

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    Clear Quartz

    Clear Quartz is the most powerful General Healer and raises energy to highest level. This is because of their unique crystalline structure which absorbs, stores and releases energy. For example, they are used to regulate the energy of a battery in a quartz watch. This is because the structure of the crystal is uniform and the structure has a measurable effect on the battery power.

    Comes in many forms including Points, polished points and Rough Pieces.

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    Pink Agate

    Pink Agate is a calming and soothing stone. It can dispel fear and impart courage, energy and strength which are traits that can increase self-confidence.

    Pink Agate is used as the great neutraliser, soothing anger and negative energy.

    Quite often is dyed pink but does occur naturally.

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    Amethyst Tumblestone

    An Amethyst Tumblestone is a very powerful and protective crystal. It guards against Psychic attack and also blocks geopathic stress.

    Amethyst relates to the crown chakra and as a result is useful for achieving higher states of consciousness and also in meditation. It is very much a spiritual crystal and it enhances spiritual awareness.

    You do not have to cleanse Amethyst as you need to do with other as it is self-cleansing.

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    Citrine Tumblestone

    A Citrine Tumblestone is a powerful cleaner and regenerator. It is self cleaning absorbs, transmutes, grounds negative energy. Extremely protective of environment. It also enhances concentration.

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    Carnelian  is a variety of chalcedony and appears as red, orange or even pink and brown. It is a grounding, stabilizing crystal with high energy. In addition it has the ability to clean other stones.

    It stimulates the metabolism and also improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Carnelian ensures a good supply of blood to organs and tissues.

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    Green Aventurine

    Positive stone of prosperity, comforting crystal heart healer.  Also, settles nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. All around healer. Brings in wellbeing and emotional calm.

    In addition it is used to work with the negative effects of geopathic stress. Often found in mixes of crystals along with Amethyst and Smokey Quartz to help deal with electromagnic energy.

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