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  • Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle New

    Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle

    As the pandemic struck in early 2020, author Ellen Valladares and artist Yasmeen Westwood were inspired to share the angels’ messages in the Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle Deck.

    Most of the cards in this deck were created in real time and shared on social media, providing timely messages that brought comfort and wisdom to many when they needed it most. The result was the organic creation of this powerful deck of 44 cards offering soothing angelic guidance and magical images that evoke healing energy and Universal wisdom that is truly timeless.

    Whether you are new to working with angels or an angel aficionado, this unique deck will assist you in connecting with the angelic realm, tapping into your own intuition, and allowing in the guidance to heal and transform yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

    The author has created a Spotify playlist to listen to while using these cards.

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    Messages from the Ancestors Oracle Cards

    Dr Steven Farmer
    Your ancestral lineage reaches back to the very dawn of human existence. And this incredible inheritance includes not only your human forebears but all beings on this planet–and beyond. The very substance of our physical bodies is composed of elements of the earth and the stars The historical and collective lineage of which you are composed, from those more recent progenitors to the ancient and prehistorical ones, continues to reside within you, buried in the vault of your deepest memories, cradling within themselves the wisdom and guidance of thousands of years of human experience.

    Now, in this powerful set of oracle cards, Dr. Steven Farmer has given you the keys to tapping that vast wisdom and guidance. Each of the 44 cards in the Messages from the Ancestors Oracle Cards has the power to awaken hidden untapped potential within you, helping you find your own answers to life’s most persistent questions. In the accompanying guidebook, Dr. Farmer offers not only in-depth descriptions of each ancestor card but also a direct message from these powerful guides, allowing you to reach out across time and space to hear the words of the ancient and ever-present ancestors.

    Seeking the counsel offered by the ancestors through the cards will not only help you align with your life path and soul’s purpose, but also honor the ancestors by making regular contact with them. If you are seeking a greater awareness of your connection and your relationship with those who have come before, if you are yearning to access their enduring teachings, this oracle deck can show you how.

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    Astral Realms Crystal Oracle

    Astral Realms Crystal Oracle is a portal into the esoteric world of crystal healing and celestial influence. Captivating and symbolic imagery transports the reader to high-frequency realms, cultivating a deeper connection to Spirit.

    An immersive companion guidebook gives insight into and understanding about crystalline energies and universal principles. Acting as an energetic link deeper connection to Spirit between the physical and spiritual realms. Above all the guidebook was written with the intention of encouraging the reader to transform their perspective and elevate their tangible experience.

    A channel of insight from above and within. This Oracle is a timeless and dimensionless tool that will speak to your soul, answering your questions and expanding your consciousness.

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    Shadow and Light Oracle

    Selena Moon
    The Shadow and Light Oracle is a deck to stimulate self-improvement, thought patterns and personal growth in a very practical way.

    This deck will assist people in everyday life by shining a light on a multitude of matters. Also, it will encourage an openness to different perspectives and self-reflection, opportunities and paths in life. It is highly focused on self-empowerment, self-improvement, self-growth and overcoming obstacles.

    Each card reflects two either opposing or complementing perspectives on a matter. They show the reader different ways of looking at a problem or aspect in life. Every card description also includes an affirmation for meditation or daily mental practice, as well as practical tips that can assist in the particular situation represented in the card.

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    Inner Child Oracle

    Amanda Lynn Aisling

    The Inner Child Oracle is a  44-card oracle deck created to support your inner child, heal trauma, and facilitate personal growth. In addition, they are designed to be used for deep emotional work with an open journal and an open spirit.

    Reach into the past and innermost self to gently cradle your vulnerable inner child with this healing tool as support.

    The Deck helps the user to connect with their inner child in a loving and nurturing manner. Also, by combining four key aspects of inner child work in one deck, it offers a comprehensive approach. That is, reparenting of the inner child, self-care, childlike wonder, and inner child connection exercises.

    Use the messages from these cards in insight-filled spreads, as journal prompts, or for meditation. Now is the time to focus not on those who have hurt you along the way, but on the healing journey laid out in front of you.

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    Tarot for all Ages Tarot Cards

    The Tarot For All Ages Tarot Cards are one of the first tarot decks aimed at a younger audience.

    The deck contains 78 cards that work as a fully functional tarot deck. In addition there is a booklet which explains the spiritual and intuitive power of the cards. This will help you conduct your own readings.

    Tarot is not just for grown-ups!

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    Therapy Toolkit

    Linn Martensen

    The Therapy Toolkit includes sixty cards devised by an experienced and qualified therapist. Each feature questions and reflections that emulate the process of therapy.

    The deck is split into four categories – Experiences, Emotions, Relationships and Childhood – and peer-reviewed. The gentle, guiding questions on each card offer a simple first step into therapy.

    The thoughtful gift package is accompanied by provoking and meditative illustrations by South Korean artist Cindy Kang – as well as a comprehensive booklet which includes an introduction to the therapeutic process, how to use the deck and further resources.

    Take the first step towards creating deep, meaningful change with The Therapy Toolkit.

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  • Lunar Tarot

    Lunar Tarot

    by Jayne Wallace

    The Moon has a potent influence on our everyday lives. Embrace her power by tapping into your lunar intuition with The Lunar Tarot – a 78-card tarot deck and guidebook.

    Jayne Wallace has entwined the ancient magic of the Tarot with the moon’s wisdom to create Lunar Tarot the perfect deck to guide us through an ever-changing world. Gain new insights into the cards and their meanings as interpreted from a lunar perspective and learn how to plan your life according to the phases of the moon. The accompanying guidebook gives detailed interpretations for both the major and minor arcana as well as explaining how to lay the cards. With helpful key words and moon mantras, let the moonlight illuminate your journey and channel your dreams and wishes.

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    Work your Light Oracle Cards

    Rebecca Campbell

    Are you ready to Work Your Light?

    This beautiful 44-card Work your Light Oracle Cards deck has been created to help you light up the world with your presence. Working with its five suits and connect with your intuition. After that you will be able to start living a life in alignment with who you truly are.

    – Confirmation cards give a quick hit of instant guidance.
    – Inquiry cards help you tune in to the whispers of your soul.
    – Action cards guide you on what action to take.
    – Activation cards invoke healing within you.
    – Transmission cards connect you with supportive energies.

    The accompanying guidebook explains how to use the Work Your Light Oracle to deepen your relationship with your soul and the Source of all things. It contains in-depth meanings for each of the 44 cards, and reveals how to attune your cards, activate soul space before starting work, create different card spreads, and give readings for other people.

    When you work with the cards, you will find that your intuition increases, your soul’s voice gets louder, and you are able to deeply embrace who you are and the work you came here to do.

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    Moonology Oracle Cards

    Yasmin Boland

    Work with the moon’s power to gain clarity on your life, make informed decisions, and bring positive change where it is most needed!

    The phases of the moon and the position of the stars have a powerful effect on our everyday lives. Astrologer Yasmin Boland is an expert on the moon’s influence on our lives and knows the tricks of working with its phases to yield positive results.

    Following the popularity of her book Moonology, she has created this oracle deck to bring more answers and guidance for those who feel a connection or are drawn to working with the moon’s natural magic.The cards in the deck provide answers to the user’s questions about their life as well as offering teachings on moon phases and moon positions. The cards will be named after a moon phase (full moon, new moon, quarter moon, crescent moon, super moon), or moon positions in the starsigns or houses.

    Each card will show how the energy of this moon position relates to an area of life, including life goals, communication, relationships, new beginnings, health, love, work, dreams, healing, success, family, home, money, travel, and friends. The cards will also offer guidance on action to take or things to reflect on. With magical and mystical illustrations, this deck is a beautiful and wise companion for those wishing to harness the moon’s power!

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    Manifesting with the Fairies

    Karen Kay

    Call upon the fairies to grant your wishes with this magical Manifesting with the Fairies oracle from renowned fairy expert Karen Kay.

    Fairies are the Earth’s original manifesters. In this deck, fairy whisperer Karen Kay shows you how to call upon their kindness to manifest your deepest desires. That includes, but is not limited to, health, wealth or happiness.

    Artist Jane Delaford Taylor beautifully illustrated these cards. Also, the deck comprises 44 cards and a guidebook, with examples of ideas for layouts ­– from basic, quick readings, to more in-depth insights. Each card shows the wish a particular fairy is granting, along with affirmations and ways you can actually manifest this wish. All of these are fully explained in the guidebook.

    Also, As you deepen your connection with the fairies, you’ll discover how to open up to your inner power and strengthen your intuition.

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    Divine Masters Oracle

    Kyle Gray

    The Divine Masters Oracle card deck brings together a congregation of enlightened souls who have dedicated themselves to the healing and nurturing of the world. These beings are universal spiritual guides and, like angels, anyone can connect and work with them, no matter their background or experience.

    You may already know some of them—Mary Magdalene, Buddha and Horus—but there are many more, and they are all ready to support you on your spiritual path. All you have to do is call upon them.

    Use this oracle card deck to connect and communicate directly with these beings. When your intention is combined with the imagery, meanings, and messages of the cards, guidance from the Divine Masters will come to you not just through the cards, but from within too.

    This 44-card deck acts as a bridge of light for you to connect directly with these beings and receive their guidance. Let this connection become an exciting spiritual process that supports the raising of your vibration and leads you to a life filled with meaning and purpose.”

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    Affirmations for Forgiveness

    Louise Hay

    12 Affirmations for Forgiveness, to let go of the past and set yourself free from beloved self-help pioneer Louise Hay.

    These cards were created to help you bring about forgiveness in your everyday life. Forgiveness means releasing regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, resentment, and sometimes even the desire for revenge. How do you start? By being willing to let get of the past. Be willing to release your emotional attachment to your memories of yesterday. The past is over, and this is a new day.

    You can set yourself free by changing your thinking. The more you forgive, the more love you will have to express. It’s no fun being a victim. Refuse to be helpless anymore. Claim your own power!

    Choose a card each morning, and it will be your positive message for the day!

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  • 23.50

    The Ultimate RPG Tarot Deck

    Welcome to The Ultimate RPG Tarot Deck, where you’ll find 78 unique tarot card designs inspire by the exciting world of fantasy RPGs!
    Tabletop game meets tarot in this fun, useful tool for divination making it perfect for daily readings as well as in your next campaign.
    Based on the symbolism of the Rider Waite deck, these cards depict traditional tarot archetypes through the themes of sword-and-sorcery tabletop role-playing games. Featuring fantasy-fueled card interpretations like the Fool depicted as a first level adventurer, stepping out on their first quest, or the pentacles suit reimagined with loot and gold pieces, this deck brings your favorite campaign to life in a new way. It’s the perfect deck for your daily divination, or to use as an in-game tool for idea generation, in-game readings, randomized events, and more! Included with the deck is a guidebook which explains how to use the deck for divination or gameplay, and provides definitions explanations for each card.

    With fun, action-packed art, and authors Jef Aldrich and Jon Taylor’s cheeky RPG humor, The Ultimate RPG Tarot Deck takes your tarot readings and your gameplay to the next level!

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    Essential Oils Oracle Cards

    The Essential Oils Oracle Cards are a hands-on tool for intuitively connecting with the healing wisdom of plant spirits. This full-color 40-card deck describes the spiritual and healing powers of the plant spirit featured. In addition, they include practical uses of the corresponding essential oil, an affirmation, resonant keywords, and corresponding chakras. The booklet explains how to use the cards on a therapeutic level, for aromatherapy practice, and as an oracle.
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    Astro-Cards Oracle
    Dive into the magical world of astrology with this fascinating Astro-Cards Oracle cards. They will help you understand your own birth horoscope & discover unimagined abilities within yourself. They decipher for you the secrets of the 12 zodiac signs, 12 planets, 12 houses, & calculation points such as Lilith & the Moon’s Nodes.

    The Astro-Cards also accompany you through the astrological year. Use them for readings about moon phases, zodiac signs, planetary constellations, etc. or for specific life questions.

    In the booklet, the astrologist Tanja Brock clarifies in-depth the backgrounds & contexts, explains each card, and gives numerous examples and ideas for using the cards.

    Embark on an exciting journey to yourself!

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