Smoky Quartz Tumblestone


Smoky Quartz is associated with

Most efficient ground/anchoring

Raises vibrations during meditation

Antidote to stress

Neutralizes negative vibrations

Blocks geopathic stress

Teaches you to leave behind anything no longer needed

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Smoky Quartz Tumblestone

A Smoky Quartz Tumblestone has all of the properties that Clear Quartz has and then some of it’s own.

It is the most efficient grounding crystal. It raises vibrations during meditation and is a relaxing antidote to stress.

Associated with the base chakra and has a strong link to the earth energies. In addition, it grounds spiritual energy and gently neutralises negativity. In addition it teaches you to leave behind anything you no longer need.

Smoky Quartz blocks geopathic stress and absorbs electromagnetic smog. It is naturally irradiated. As a result, it is especially helpful in overcoming the negative effects of Radiation and radiation therapy along with chemotherapy. However, be careful in choosing crystals that are naturally irradiated. Artificially irradiated smoky quartz is darker and less translucent. These may be too strongly irradiated to help.

On the physical level, smoky quartz heals ailments of the abdomen , hips and legs. It heals headaches and in addition, is good for the heart and reproductive system.  The crystal strengthens the back and fortifies the nerves. Finally, it also helps in absorbing of minerals and also regulates liquids within the body.

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Smoky Quartz Tumblestone


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