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    Premium Incense Collection

    The Premium Incense Collection contains 6 different hexagonal packs of incense sticks. Each hexagonal pack contains 20 incense sticks.

    Each of the packs have an inividual scent. Also, they have a name indicative of the aromoatherapy benefit.

    The scent from Aloe Vera incense is both soothing and calming in nature. It fosters relaxation within the body while emitting a delightful aroma.

    Frankincense and Myrrh combines two biblical fragrances which promotes spiritual enlightenment.

    Sandalwood has a sweet woody fragrance. It has a harmonising and calming effect which reduces tension and confusion.

    Jasmine has an exotic floral fragrance for aiding relaxation and boosting confidence while also providing a sensual aroma.

    Lavender is a sweet floral fragrance which promotes a calm relaxed atmosphere and aids a good night’s sleep.

    Patchouli is an earthy fragrance and is believed to have a grounding and balancing effect which to control anxiety.

    The weight per pack is 80g.

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    Seven Chakra Incense Collection

    The Seven Chakra Incense Collection is a gold-coloured gift box with 7 packs of Indian incense, one for each chakra. This natural incense is a unique blend of herbs, flowers, honey, resin, pure sandalwood powder, aromatic roots and natural essential oils. However, please note that this incense is quite strong and not scented other than the natural ingredients. In other words, please do not buy this set if you are only an ocassional user of incense.

    In addition, the set is free of toxic ingredients.

    The weight per pack is 15g.

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    Prosperity Incense

    By Lisa Parker

    Each pack contains 20 sticks. Packaging is designed by Lisa Parker. Light the incense and affirm.

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