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  • Colour Meditation Cards New

    Colour Meditation Cards

    By Silvana Alasia

    This deck of 36 monochrome watercolour cards is the perfect medium for a journey of self-discovery. The energies of the colours and chakras will guide your meditation towards truth, allowing you to discover your hidden potential and answer the many dilemmas and difficulties that life puts before us.

    • Included: 36 cards, instructions.
    • Box size: 10 x 13.7 x 3.2 cm (3.9″ x 5.39″ x 1.25″).
    • Cards size: 8.8 x 12.5 cm (3.46″ x 4.9″).
    • Weight of the deck: 292 g (0.64 lb.) (approx).
    • Includes multilingual instruction booklet.
    • Plastic coated paper playing cards.
    • New, sealed. Made in Italy.
    • 100% authentic, original Lo Scarabeo product.

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  • Enchanted Animal Oracle Cards New

    Enchanted Animal Oracle Cards

    By Nick Bibes

    The Enchanted Animal Oracle Cards have been created by Nick Bibes to help you find your way back to your true self. With gorgeous animal illustrations by Kate McCredie and inspirational messages inspired by Spirit, this oracle deck can be used in several different ways to receive direction. The animals bring one message, while the star on the reverse offers another. Use a single card as a daily affirmation cards or hold a question in your mind and pick a card for guidance. You can also use them in a spread to offer deeper insights into aspects of your life. These cards have been created for you to find your way safely home, back to your enchanted self. 45 cards & 88pp guidebook.

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  • 97819225736989781922573698 New

    Luminous Humanness Oracle

    By Kelly Sullivan Walden

    The Luminous Humanness Oracle is simply stunning.

    To be luminous is to be at ease with your inner gold. In feeling and freeing your authentic, connected, and whole self, your light illuminates your path and possibilities so you can move forward in confidence and clarity, excited for all that awaits you.

    Bestselling author Kelly Sullivan Walden rolls insight, imagination, and joy into this gorgeous oracle, elevating perspective and turning everyday tedium into treasured moments and glowing experiences. Laila Savolainen’s artworks allow you to hold the transcendent in your hands and its truths in your heart. Play with these cards for a few minutes each day to invite a more radiant life to meet you, wherever you are at.

    A beautiful 44-card and 116-page guidebook set for guidance, contemplation, self-discovery, and finding your shine.

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  • spirit oracle New

    Spirit Oracle

    By Toni Carmine Salerno

    Spirit Oracle invites you into a space of love, beauty, and limitless reflection. You are welcome here. You are worthy. And, your heart and soul are free to know and affirm your truth. Step into the timeless wonder of the imagery, feel the resonance of the card names and allow the poetic insights of the messages to rise and blossom within you. Like seeds traveling on the wind, who knows where their possibility will anchor, how fast their potential will be realized, and how many delights will spring from their branches.

    This beautifully revised third edition includes a 24-page instruction booklet and 54 illuminating message cards from Toni Carmine Salerno.

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  • Masters, Mystics, Saints and Gemstone Guardians Cards New

    Masters, Mystics, Saints & Gemstone Guardians Cards

    Margaret Ann Lembo

    Masters, Mystics, and Saints still share their energy and messages. Matching the vibration of these teachers with crystals, minerals, and stones provides guidance and messages of hope, happiness, and well-being. The Gemstone Guardians are the devic force of the gemstone that add energetic assistance in achieving goals and desires through color and geometric structure of the stone. On each of the cards contained in this deck is a question for contemplative thought, Divine Guidance, and a positive affirmation.

    Use these cards in angel communication sessions and tarot card readings for added insight and direction. Pull a card a day for inspiration and use the affirmation throughout your day. Within this deck of 44 cards, gemstones are vibrationally matched with affirming thoughts and a Mystic, Saint or Master Teacher for you to use in your daily life. Follow the Divine Guidance and repeat the affirmations from the Masters, Mystics, and Saints to transform your reality into joy, wealth, health, protection, and happy relationships.

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  • Crystal Oracle New

    Crystal Oracle

    By Toni Carmine Salerno

    Crystals are conduits of the Divine, Receivers and transmitters of life energy, and they yearn to share their love and magic with you. Welcome their guidance, align with their resonance, and shine!

    Let your heart be lightened and your spirit blessed by the magic, wonder, and wisdom of crystals in this beautiful oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. The full-colour cards feature vibrant images channelled by Laila Savolainen to embody the unique essence of 44 crystals. The set also includes an 84-page guidebook with each crystal’s qualities, inspired messages, instructions for use, and a range of card spreads to connect you with the empowering frequencies of Heaven on Earth.

    Treasure these crystals as they treasure you and be grounded in nature, uplifted by vision, balanced of heart, and awakened to your divine potential.

    Pack Includes: 44 Card & 84 Page Guidebook

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  • Astrology Oracle New

    Astrology Oracle

    by Jennifer Freed, PHD

    Use the Astrology Oracle to draw on a wealth of astrological wisdom to reveal the primitive adaptive and evolving choices available to you in every moment, situation, relationship and opportunity. Deepen your understanding of the happenings in your world, magnify your impact and enhance your daily joy by aligning your energy, thoughts and responses with your highest potential.“Jennifer is one of the most intuitive and brilliant healers I have ever had the privilege to work with. Her approach, both scientific and divine, cultivates deep insight into who we are, and how we can get the most out of our lives.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

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  • 22.50

    Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards

    Yasmin Boland

    The Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards is  beautiful card deck to help you get in tune with the Moon and manifest a life full of abundance, magic, and joy.Manifesting with the Moon has never been easier! Discover how to use the Moon as a cosmic timer to create the life of your dreams.Also, supercharge your manifesting powers and find out how to consciously create positive change in your life with this magical 48-card oracle from bestselling Moonologer Yasmin Boland. Features beautiful cosmic collage imagery. In addition, each card explains what you’re bringing into your life, and how and when to supercharge your manifesting powers to achieve what you most desire.

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  • Starcodes Astro Oracle

    The Unfolding Path Tarot

    By Athene Noctua

    Explore the infinite paths your life can take with this stunning 78-card deck featuring vivid artwork, diverse characters, and a touch of magic for the modern reader.

    We walk many paths, ever-diverging and ever-dividing, which become our life’s unique journey. The Unfolding Path Tarot introduces us to characters from a beautiful world very like our own, with an extra sprinkle of magic, to guide our way. The kaleidoscope of vibrant artwork by artist and creator Athene Noctua depicts unique and meaningful interpretations of the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck.

    The imagery included in this deck features animals, plants, and a cast of modern and diverse people—all with a mystical touch. Each suit is represented by a different color palette while characters of varying color, size, ability, and age create a beautiful community. This 78-card deck and guidebook is the perfect compass for those seeking self-discovery.

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  • Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

    Spirit Animals Message Cards

    Dr. Steven Farmer. Illustrated by Tali Payne

    The Spirit Animals Message Cards say that our Indigenous brothers and sisters have long known that animals can communicate. Also, the animal messages they received helped guide them along their life paths. For many of us non-indigenous people it’s only recently that we have awakened to the deep ancestral memory that we are related to every being on this planet and can communicate with these beings.

    Spirit provides guidance through the animals that show up in an unusual way or repeatedly in a short space of time. When an animal presents itself to deliver a message from Spirit, it can be a physical animal or a symbol of the animal, such as in a dream or an image on a poster. The message may be clear and straight forward or somewhat cryptic and require contemplation.

    The Spirit Animals Message Cards are palm-sized affirmation-style cards that can be easily carried in your pocket or handbag. With illustrations on one side, two short messages and an affirmation on the other, they are ideal for spontaneous and meaningful readings. You’ll find easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the cards whenever you’re in need of some instant and easily accessible guidance. Once you have used the cards, always thank the Spirit Animal that has presented.

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  • Mindfulness Cards

    “Pause” Mini Mindfulness Cards

    Take a moments pause with these mini mindfulness cards.

    Help someone special to pause and reflect with these 28 pop-open cards. Featuring a different message inside each card, this gift is sure to help someone wind-down.

    Features: – 28 pop-open cards – 28 different messages

    60 h 65 w 65 d mm

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  • Faery Oracle CardsFaery Oracle Cards

    Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle Deck

    Lucy Cavendish

    Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle is your doorway into the magickal realm of the Faery. Each gloriously illustrated card is brimming with secrets, messages, insights and guidance directly from the most helpful and wise of nature’s guardians, delivering clear messages and direct and loving guidance. Easy to read, yet deep, mystical and rich, the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle includes an in-depth guidebook revealing the secret lore of the Faery realm as well as clear lessons on how to connect, create and nurture deep relationships with your own Faery guardians and allies. The included card layouts allow you to give powerful, insightful and accurate readings for yourself and others.

    When you connect with the Fae, their powerful natural magicks can assist with healing and enhancing your health, activating vivid psychic abilities, gaining insight and direction within your relationships and awakening your innate connection to abundance. Your life then becomes an inspirational experience, full of meaning and joy. Your own ability to see, sense and feel the Fae accurately will grow stronger and clearer each time you work with this enchanted, inspiring deck, steeped in authentic, deep Faery magicks.

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  • 22.50

    Raise Your Vibration Oracle

    Kyle Gray

    Tune in to the frequency of these beautiful Raise Your Vibration Oracle cards to cultivate high-vibe practices and align your energy with living a heart-centred life.

    Each engaging card in this deck will bring you closer to a higher frequency and help you find inner confidence, self-trust and purpose. There are 11 themes such as ‘Ignite’, ‘Express’, ‘Activate’ and ‘Manifest.’  The cards align with one of the 11 chakras (including four higher chakras: Earth Star, Gaia Gateway, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway) and kundalini to offer you guidance for any challenge or question. In addition, you’ll learn to trust in the support and love from the Universe. You will feel confident in your spiritual practice and attract positivity, miracles and joy into your life. Also, you’ll also find inspiration through the high-vibe illustrations by Ari Wisner and feel supported by each carefully curated message. Finally, through this deck, Kyle shows you how to discover your true potential. You can elevate your vibration and create an incredible life.

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  • 22.50

    Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle Cards

    By Radleigh Valentine

    Meet Archangel Michael as you’ve never seen him before. Also, receive his guidance and gifts in the Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle Cards. All from an acclaimed angel oracle creator.

    Archangel Michael wants you to feel safe, no matter your spiritual inclination. You are never alone and you are always adored as a child of the Divine. Traditional depictions of Michael focus on his strength in a warlike manner, often depicting him in battle. However, this deck reveals the many other gifts he brings to your life. In addition, they reveal the gentle love with which he provides protection. Michael is depicted in different forms, including different races and gender identities, as a reminder that his power is open to all and always available.

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  • 25.50

    Archangel Fire Oracle

    Alexandra Wenman Illustrated by Aveliya Savina

    The Archangel Fire Oracle gives you have a hands-on tool to connect with the angels. Access their guidance and support. Open your heart to love and healing. Reach the rainbow light of your own Divinity.

    Angels are the keepers of our ascension pathway. They assist humanity toward personal and collective enlightenment. They bring us love, guidance, power, healing, and deep transformation. This oracle deck and guidebook allow you to engage directly with the Archangels. These cards bring a transformation that can help accelerate your ascension and align you with your inner Divinity.

    Each of the 40 high-vibration cards features an Archangel and the healing colour ray or sacred flame that that angel embodies. In celebration of humanities diversity, the deck includes a balance of masculine, feminine, androgynous, and multicultural angels. In the accompanying book, Alexandra Wenman explores how the Archangels interact and work with us. She provides a detailed interpretation of each card, explaining the Archangel’s powers and benefits, sacred symbols, colours, star constellation, and chakra energies. As well as this, the author also reveals the crystals and essential oils you can use to resonate with each Archangel’s energies. Alexandra offers a beautiful message to connect directly with each Divine Guide. The author shares exercises and visualizations to help you channel your chosen Archangel and embody their energy and healing vibrations, purify your lower self and remove energetic blockages, and initiate the alchemical process to reunite with your Divine higher self.

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  • 33.95

    Druid Plant Oracle

    Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Illustrated by Will Worthington

    The Druid Plant Oracle is a wonderful 36 card deck. Discover the herbs, flowers and fungi considered sacred in the Druid tradition, with this beautifully illustrated oracle. The virtues and qualities of each plant, and the ancient folklore and mythology associated with them, offer wisdom, inspiration and guidance, in this enlightening pack.
    The perfect companion volume to the bestselling Druid Animal Oracle, this is a must-have title for all those interested in Celtic and Pagan subjects and the world of nature.
    Working with the magical flora of the Druid tradition.
    36 full colour cards & 144page book

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