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Sage Smudging

Sage Smudging

What do we mean by Sage?

We usually mean California White Sage which has a latin name of Salvia Apiana native to the South Western United States where it grows naturally in well drained, dry soil.

Desert Sage (Salvia Eremostachya) can be also be used for smudging but it is not the same. This type of sage is available combined with other herbs such as Lavender and Cedar.

The sage is dried and wrapped into bundles of various sizes, usually 4 inches or bigger and come in two main styles. Either a “torch” where only one end is burnt or a “cylinder” where either end can be used.

What do we mean by smudging?

Smudging is the practice of burning natural products for their energetic value. Smudging allows the smoke produced by the burning to either clear or introduce an energy and is common in spiritual practices all over the world. Sage clears energy so if you need to introduce something new you can burn other herbs afterwards.

How to smudge with sage

How you burn the sage will depend on the type of sage you have. If you have the torch variety, you will need to unbundle the sage once the end is fully charred and burn individual twigs until fully used. If you have the cylinder variety then there will be no need to unbundle the sage.

To burn the sage, hold one end and light the other end over a fireproof dish. You may need to keep the flame on the sage for a little bit until the sage starts to smoulder and release smoke. Waft the smoke around the item/ room/ person you are cleansing and use your intention to clear it of negative energy.

You may need to relight the sage a number of times to keep it smouldering. Alternatively, it may be the case that you will need to put it out to stop it from burning. This will depend on the type of sage used and the energy of the space it is used in.

When you have finished either put out the sage or leave to go out by itself.

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