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WHY do we need protection?

We are all made up of energy and it is important to protect that energy, if you are sensitive to energy we are constantly picking up other peoples energy, much of the time without even being aware of it. When we are near people we are picking up their energy both positive and negative and visa-versa. The positive encounters are very beneficial; however the negative ones are not. You could just be walking down the street and your energy is being taken, sometimes we have friends who unknown to them are sucking our energy.  Sometimes when you go to a place with a lot of people you will feel exhausted. You may notice that after being in the company of certain people you feel tired or zapped of energy. We find that we are the one that people always turn to in a crisis or pour their heart out to. We also need protection against people’s fears, anger, arguments and depressive behaviour. This is when your energy is being taken. If your energy is on a higher vibration, it attracts this and to keep our energy high we must protect ourselves. This simply means that we are protecting ourselves from the negative that others are giving to us, we are still able to help them, but instead of taking the energy on board it simply bounces off us. The positive which helps us all can still get through.

You can protect yourself, loved ones, pets, even your house and car! Before traveling anywhere, you can visualise white light surrounding your car, and the occupants of the car. At night before you go to bed, visualise white light completely surrounding your house and your family, preventing any harmful energies from entering. This should be done frequently, whether you feel threatened or not. Over time, this builds up a strong shield of protection that is with you always. And just keep reinforcing it, day after day. It’s best to do this in the morning and again at night before bed, but it can be done as many times as you want, any time of day. There are many crystals that help to protect, such as Amethyst, Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline.

HOW to protect ourselves:

There are many ways to protect ourselves here are a few simple exercises that will help you to do that daily:


Bring your arms around your body in an oval shape, while saying the following:

My Aura is now cleansed, cleared and sealed to all but the I am self and the Christ vibration, thank you God and so it is.


Centre yourself by concentrating on the breath, put your hand on your solar plexus (the emotional centre). Breathe in love and light, exhale negativity. Then see a bubble of bright white light around you to which only positive things can enter. Focus on seeing it clearly in your mind and keep building it all around you, add a colour if you would like to until the bubble is really bright. Give thanks.


Ask Arch Angel Michael (the protector) to surround you with his wings, feel them and see them wrapping around you, to protect you. If you feel you need extra protection, ask him to place a shield around you at any stage. Thank you Arch Angel Michael.


See mirrors around you facing outwards and send any negative energy being sent towards you back to where it came from with love and light.


Every morning or when needed, tap your Crown Chakra three times. Take three deep breaths. Visualise a brilliant violet ball of light in front of you. See yourself walking into the ball of light and being completely surrounded by it. Verbally repeat three times, “To the Supreme Being and all my invisible helpers, thank you for creating a powerful shield around me, my aura and my chakras. In full faith, so be it!” Take this ball of light with you wherever you go.


Sit undisturbed and relax yourself.

Choose a colour to focus on

Close your eyes and imagine a bubble of energy around you.

Fill your bubble with your colour then extend your bubble out to about two feet around you making sure that it is above your head and under your feet.

A helpful image is to visualise your body as the yolk of an egg, with the bubble being the white and the protective layer being the shell. You can make the shell thicker to increase your protection.

Imagine the bubble expanding and contracting with your breath.

Open your eyes and sense that this protection is still around you.

Practice the same exercise with another colour and see which colour you are most comfortable with. Once you have found the colour that you are most comfortable with use this colour for your regular protection. Your colour may change from time to time. Ideally, a protective exercise should be carried out every day. With practice this exercise will soon become automatic and effortless.


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