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    We’ve only just begun…forever my little one


    Willow Tree Little One

    “I remember when my husband and daughter or son played, laughed and tumbled together on the rug…or when all the grandkids piled onto my dad’s back for horse rides…those moments of spontaneous play, of cuddling, tickling, being present together , became the foundation for their close relationships throughout the years” – Susan Lordi.
    The item is made in resin and hand-painted with lead-free paint. Supplied in a branded gift box and a gift tag with sentiment.
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    I’m here for you, as you’ve always been for me


    Willow Tree Loving my Mother

    “As I was sculpting this piece, I was thinking about being—there—for my mom in however she needs me. Realizing how much she did for us our whole lives, I feel good when I can return some of the same. All the meals, all the holidays, all the little caring things, the sacrifices she made, all she taught us about the world… for me and my siblings, for my children and their children—as a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother—she gave us a foundation of love! Whenever I thank my mom for all she’s done for me, she always smiles and says ‘You do the same for yours.’”
    A gift to express the caring relationship between adult daughter and older mother, as they progress through life together, and roles of caregiving become reversed; a gift to remember one much loved.
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    For those who have found their true partner in love and life.