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    Grace Cooke

    with White Eagle’s Guidance

    Learn about a safe method of meditation and spiritual unfoldment that can be practised alone or in groups. The White Eagle way of meditation taught in this book is a gentle ‘western’ method. However, it owes much to the ways of the East.

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    My Guardian Angel, My Best Friend

    Lorna Byrne says we all see angels when we are young children, but are gradually conditioned to screen them out. Here in My Guardian Angel, My Best Friend and for the first time she has written stories, based on real life, of six children whose lives were transformed and made better by their interaction with angels.

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    In Pearls of Wisdom, Journal of Light, the latest book by Francesca Brown, the Angel Whisperer, there are pages of inspiring thoughts channelled from the Angels along with ample space for the reader to write down their own thoughts. This beautifully designed book/journal is printed on high quality paper and is a lovely idea for a present to ourselves or to those we love. It truly contains Pearls of Wisdom and is a Journal of Light.

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