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Sound Healing

The 16 Amazing benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls are: 1. Reduces stress and anxiety significantly. 2. Lowers anger and blood pressure. 3. Improves circulation and increases blood flow. 4. Deep relaxation and pain relief. 5. Chakra balancing. 6. Increases mental and emotional clarity. 7. Promotes stillness,
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A Course in Miracles

When I first began reading A Course in Miracles I had no idea what the author was speaking about. I would sit and read a page or two or sometimes just a paragraph or a line and wonder what the author was saying. However there was one unmistakable and recognisable quality that I understood right […]
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Learning Reiki

Reiki is a hands on healing method where no previous experience is needed. Many people starting out on their healing journey begin with Reiki as it’s much more about following your intuition rather than hour after hour of study. The energy cannot be guided by the practitioners mind, the energy goes where it is
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Exploring Meditation

Tracey O’Neill will be facilitating an eight week exploring meditation course with us starting Wednesday 25th September 7 – 8pm and  for 8 consecutive Wednesdays. In this blog we go into a bit more detail on the topic for the first evening’s meditation. The first class is based on around nourishing
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