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Stress Buster Healing Sessions with Janet

Janet is offering stress buster healing sessions using a combination of Reiki, Magnified Healing and Crystals in Angel Times Limerick every Wednesday and Friday afternoon, she is also available for evening appointments and Saturdays by arrangement. These sessions help to relieve the stresses that most of us are feeling using gentle but powerful hands-on healing, bringing a sense of calm and well-being. The price is €60 inc €20 deposit and takes 1 hour.


Angel Card Readings with Martina Aylmer

Martina Aylmer is offering readings in Angel Times Limerick every Monday evening along with Wednesday and Friday mornings. Martina channels intuitively through the Angels bringing messages of comfort and healing from the Angelic Realm. Readings are uplifting, positive and allow the client to gain perspective on life’s gifts and challenges in a comforting environment. They will last 45 mins approx and cost €60 inc €20 deposit. Martina will also be in on Saturday 3rd September.


IET Healing Sessions with Martina Aylmer

Martina is a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy ( I.E.T) and is offering I.E.T. sessions in Angel Times Limerick every Monday evening. I.E.T works with the Healing Angels of the energy field by gently releasing old ,or new, trauma's like surgery, disease, exhaustion, emotional crisis, starvation, suppressed feelings, stressf, fear, self-limiting thoughts and Karma that affect the cellular memory of the body thus limiting our experience of life resulting in energy depletion or even disease. By gentle touch on Integration points on the body, I.E.T can help release these old trauma's and help you lead a more fulfilling and happy life ! Each session will last one hour at a cost of €60 inc €20 deposit.Martina will also be in on Saturday 3rd September.


Healing Sessions with Paula Nash

Paula is an intuitive Healer and she is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Claircognizant, and she developed these gifts working with others individually, and with groups, and expanding her awareness by learning and being initiated into different healing modalities. She works in connection with Divine/Holy Spirit/Angelic Energy for the highest good of All.
The modalities she trained in are:
Spiritual Healing, Reiki (master), Magnified Healing, Access Consciousness (bars),
Munay Ki Initiations, Indian head massage and she alsofacilitates meditation groups

Paula will be in Angel Times on Tuesday mornings offering:
Spiritual healing €50
Heart and Soul purpose readings €60
Chakra readings (life path guidance) €60
Access Consciousness (bars) €50
Munay Ki Initiations (contact for information)
Sessions are 50 mins long and please contact Paula directly on 087 3865437



Fiona Good Fairy Spiritual Medium in Limerick

Fiona Good Fairy will be back in Angel Times Limerick on Monday 29th August doing spiritual mediumship readings. Fiona is well known both from doing the holistic fairs and her healing centre in Newcastle West. Fiona relays messages and guidance from our loved ones in Spirit.. Readings take approx 45 mins and costs €60 inc €20 deposit.


Celeste Gibbins Massage and Energy Balance

Celeste offers massage and energy balance sessions at Angel Times Limerick on Thursday 1st September and also by arrangement. Drawing on a wealth of experience and training that began nearly thirty years ago, Celeste is guided by the divine power available to everyone, her sessions act as a catalyst for healing and empowerment. Sessions are €60 per hour inc €20 deposit and are available by appointment through Angel Times on 061412882

Choose from, or have any combination of;
Psychodynamic Bodywork Kinesiology
Personalised Meditations
Yoga breathwork.


Stress Buster Healing Sessions with Janet in Ennis

Janet is offering stress buster healing sessions using a combination of Reiki, Magnified Healing and Crystals in Angel Times Ennis on Friday 2nd September. These sessions help to relieve the stresses that most of us are feeling using gentle but powerful hands-on healing, bringing a sense of calm and well-being. The price is €60 inc €20 deposit and takes 1 hour.



Energy Detox and Balance with Lee Cassidy

Experience a safe place to let go, relax and receive gentle energetic healing and massage. In this space you will experience true connection with your own beauty and energy. Using different universal energy techniques, Lee channels and acts as a conduit for healing the energy body. Our energies are responsive to our world, our mind and thoughts are responsive to our energies and our body is responsive to our thoughts and mind. Healing the energy body and moving what is stuck helps people move past what is truly blocking them from happiness and being who they truly are. This type of energy healing clears out all the conditioned learning that we need to realise and unlearn so that we can move on and live empowered lives. A One to One healing experience with Lee Cassidy is unique and special for each person and comes highly recommended. In Angel Times Limerick on Friday 2nd September. 1 hour Energy Detox & Balance €60 inc €20 deposit. 1.5 – 2 hours Full Energy Clearance €90 inc €20 deposit
Book in Angel Times or Call 061412882


Spirit Scribed Readings with Julianna

Book a unique reading with Julianna from Signposts from the Soul. Your spirit scribed message will bring new perspective on Relationships and Career, your soul purpose, releasing energetic and emotional beliefs and understanding what is holding you back. It’s food for your soul. Julianna is a conduit (medium) between earth and your spirit world, delivering messages that connect straight to your heart. Julianna will be in Angel Times Limerick on Saturday 3rd September. The cost for a reading is €80 inc €20 deposit and takes up to 1 ½ hours


The Form-Reality Practice with Laura Richardson

The Form – Reality Practice™ is a living transmission of the eternal, ever-evolving, cosmic dance of life. The movement awakens you to ever-finer frequencies of innermost experience, forever leading you beyond the confines of who you believe yourself to be. It is a pure and powerful tool of transmutation and self–mastery.

The Form:
Lands you in your body
Opens your heart
Transforms patterning and past
Inspires new life and creativity
Aligns you to your innermost Being
Unveils the beauty & joy of being alive
Returns you Home

A session may last up to 45 minutes during which you remain seated and very relaxed with eyes closed, looking into blackness, placing your full attention on sensations in the body. Laura will then move slowly around you in a sequence of specific movements. It may appear as a slow graceful dance - stillness in motion. Mainly the movements are off the body; the feet, shoulders and head are each held briefly. There will be time to discuss your experience. Saturday 3rd September In Limerick and Thursday 22nd September in Angel Times Ennis. Sessions cost €30 including €10 deposit to book.


Talk on the amazing properties of the crystal Shungite

Shungite (also spelled ‘schungite’) is a healing gift to our Planet Earth from the Universe, an amazingly powerful mineral that merges Celestial and Earthly harmonies. Many of you have experienced the healing power of shungite, or have read or heard about it. There is a great surge of interest in this potent compound, prompted by our need to heal ourselves and our planet, and to move towards higher dimensions.
Lana O’Farrell, who has been using shungite in her healing work and also selling shungite crystals and items made from it, recently went to ‘Shungiteland’ - the only place on Earth where shungite is found - Karelia in North-Western Russia. She visited the healing shungite springs, swam in shungite lake. Lana saw shungite mined, and visited the shungite factory which makes pyramids, pendants and other items. She met amazing healers who shared their shungite techniques with her.
Lana brought back new understanding of shungite powers, many wonderful stories, and potent shungite pieces to share with you during her forthcoming talk. Lana will also tell you about the shungite retreat she is organising for July 2017, when she will bring a group of Irish people to Shungiteland (Karelia) to experience the magic of shungite first-hand.
You are invited to Lana’s talk on shungite and its properties on Tuesday 6th September from 7.30 pm to 9 pm. The evening costs only €5 and we ask for you to register and pay in advance at Angel Times or call 061412882


Mediumship Readings with Mary Madigan

Having known Mary for several years now and watched her development into a respected and popular medium, we are delighted to say that Mary has agreed to come and do a day of readings in Limerick on Thursday 8th of September. Each reading will take around 45mins and the cost is €60 inc a deposit of €20. Please call us on 061 412882 to book a place.


Are you in touch with your creative self or do you deny, minimise or ignore it like most people? Would you like to connect to what excites you and makes you feel alive? This course is based on, and uses, The Artist’s Way book as written by Julia Cameron and the basic premise is that we are all creative. It is just a matter of both realising this and also doing some work to release our natural creativity. You can then apply this creativity to all areas of your life to enhance the overall experience and live your life to the full. The facilitator for this course is Stephen Ryan who has run it many times over the past seven years. The cost is €250 for the full 12 week course including a deposit of €50 and will start on Wednesday 7th September.


Mind-Body fitness with Tai Chi and Chi Kung

De-stress, relax and rejuvenate with an eight week block of the beautiful ancient arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qigong). These wonderful practices have many benefits not only for the body but also for the mind. Slow graceful movements are performed using the breath as an anchor, bringing us out of our ‘thinking minds’ into the Tan Tien, the core of our being. This marriage of body and breath has led Tai Chi and Chi Kung to be described as moving meditation. We will also engage in standing meditation, a practice which in itself is hugely beneficial.

8 Week Block Commencing Wednesday, 7th September 7.30pm – 9.00pm
The Haven Workspace, €100 for an eight week block in advance or €15 per class pay as you go. Please call Angel Times on 061412882 or Marie on 086-8382359 or 'Limerick Meditation Qigong Tai Chi' on Facebook.


Sound Healing Therapy - Private Sessions with Dee O'Connor

Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Sound Healing is the application of sound instruments to balance mind, body and spirit. The body is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies.
Illness is caused by disharmony within the body, mind and emotions. Sound healing helps to bring the body, mind and emotions back into harmony. It stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Sound healing is the practice of using audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissue and cells within the body. Stress is the cause of all dis-ease, and so with these tools we can easily bring ease to the mind, body and being.

Sound Healing has been used for centuries for healing & meditation purposes. Tibetan Singing Bowls, gongs and different instruments create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of stressed, dis-eased and out-ofharmony parts of the body, mind and spirit. Imagine all your cells & molecules dancing, dancing in harmony to the most
amazing sounds, dancing their way to health and well-being. In a private session you will experience direct vibration on the body as I use the different instruments.

You will feel the sound vibrations working through your body causing deep relaxation and helping to heal physical, energetic and emotional issues, and it will with stress release.

Dee O’Connor’s area of expertise is in Stress Reduction and related Anxiety and Depression.

DISCLAIMER: Sound therapy may not be recommended for people with epilepsy, pacemaker, and in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Sound healing sessions are generally between 45 minutes to an hour in length. Dee will be in Angel Times Limerick on Thursday 8th September, the cost is €60 inc €20 dep. Please call 061412882 to book.



Denise Hagan - An Evening of Inspirational Story and Song

Denise is a Sacred Singer and Inspirational Bard from Armagh, lovingly dedicated to opening the Heart of Humanity through her Song and Story.

Denise presents ‘An Evening of Inspirational Story and Song’ in the magnetic bardic tradition in which she was raised. Her Sacred Songs are her Personal Diary of Awakening to the Great I AM Presence within and her gentle story-telling invites her listeners to feel into this Great Soul Current and take that Journey with her.
As one listener described it, “I had God Bumps all over – I thought she was singing directly to me – something deep in me knew this music that I had never heard before.”
A singer for over 25 years, Denise has performed coast to coast in Canada and extensively at Spiritual Seminars across North America. Performing with Neale Donald Walshe (Conversations with God,) Patricia Cota Robles (The Study of Humanity’s Purpose) and The Radiant Rose Academy, Vancouver, Denise finally returns home to share her life purpose with her own people. When asked to name just what that purpose is, she says with a gentle smile:
“To awaken the Divine Heart of The Irish People through the power and legacy of the Sacred Bards; the Giants upon whose shoulders I stand.”

The evening takes place on Saturday 10th of September and tickets costing €15 are available on 061 412882

Here are some clips of Denise to enjoy:


Denise Hagan - Signature Soul Sessions

A Signature Soul Session is a refreshing review of your life as it stands right now. In the loving presence of your Guardian Angel, Denise can help reveal, review and revise your choices and creations that you are making in career, family, finances and in the general talents that you bring to life.

This session is all about celebrating the current gems that are shining in your life right now whilst helping you step forth to say farewell to old energies, relationships or decisions that no longer support who you are becoming. With your Life Records at hand, your Guardian Angel can help reveal, review, and revise pre-birth agreements you have made in all areas of your life highlighting any outstanding learning in relationship, career, family, finances and general gifts and talents that you agreed to realize and bring forth in this lifetime.

This session is all about the recognition and pursuit of HAPPINESS according to you as a Unique and Signature Soul upon Planet Earth. It is a session to celebrate what you wish to keep your life and what you need to surrender so even greater good can flow to you and through you.

Denise is an accredited Metaphysical Spiritual Counsellor and will be hosting 1-1 Signature Soul Sessions at Angel Times on Saturday Sept 10th and Sunday Sept 11th

The cost is €65 per session inc €20 dep. A Breathable 75 mins in length.
To book your session please contact Angel Times through or 061 412882


Tera-Mai Reiki 2

Janet will be teaching Tera-Mai Reiki 2 again on Saturday 10th September from 10.30am to 5pm. During this workshop you will learn the Tera-Mai Reiki symbols which will empower what you learnt in Reiki 1. The cost is €250 inc €100 deposit.


Francesca Brown in Limerick and Ennis

Author of Number 1 Best Selling book “My Whispering Angels” and “The Voices of Angels” Francesca Brown is going to come back to Limerick and Ennis for private 1:1 readings. She will be in Limerick on Monday, 12th, Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September and in Ennis on Tuesday 13th of September. The cost of a reading is €100 payable in advance. Please note that if you are pregnant the reading will not take place and will be fully refunded.


Evolve from the Soul by connecting with the Angels

Facilitated by Julianna Jay. Internationally renowned author, intuitive speaker & gifted psychic reader, this course will help you to;

Identify your intuitive gifts
Develop your psychic abilities
Access your daily guidance from the angels
Practice grounding and protection
Learn to protect your energy & cut the cords
Open to the world of the archangels and guides
Deepen your connection to Source
Learn to manifest by connecting with your soul

This four week course starts Monday 12th September 7-9pm in the Haven Workspace and costs €125 payable in advance

To learn more about Julianna see


Josephine Harhen, Medium, in Limerick and Ennis

Well known Psychic Medium, AngeI and Tarot card reader Josephine Harhen will be in Angel Times Ennis on Thursday 15th September and in Limerick on Friday 16th September. Josephine has been involved in Holistic Therapies for many years. She has a holistic centre in Kildare where she practices Reiki and Kinesiology, along with doing her readings both there and at many of the holistic fairs throughout the country. She also runs many workshops and does platform work around the country. The cost for a reading is €60 inc €20 deposit for 40 min approx.


Gerry Browne Healing Sessions in Ennis

Gerry Browne, Reiki Master, Aura-Soma Colour Therapist, Spiritual Healer and Medium will be back for his monthly clinic, he will be offering healing sessions in Ennis on Friday 16th September. Evening appointments also available. These will be 1:1 sessions and an hour and a half in length. The cost is €60 payable in advance as they will take place outside the shop. Gerry will also be back in Ennis next month.


Minnie Michaels Psychic Medium

Minnie Michaels is an experienced professional Psychic Medium. She has been trained with some of the most prestigious Psychic Mediums in the world. Minnie has been giving professional psychic readings for many years now & is known to be professional, accurate, insightful & a healer. Whatever information comes up for the Client, Minnie has professional training in helping that client to come to a level of understanding that gives them peace. A reading takes 40 mins approx and costs €55 inc €20 deposit. Minnie will be in Angel Times Limerick on Saturday 17th September, please call 061412882. Minnie will also be in Angel times Ennis on Saturday 15th October. Please call 065 6864800 to book.


Angel Card Readings and IET Sessions with Martina Aylmer in Ennis

Martina Aylmer will be coming to Ennis on Saturday 17th of September to offer both Angel Card Radings and IET Sessions. Martina has been practising in Limerick for the last few years and has built up an excellent reputation. They will last between 45 mins and an hour approx and cost €60 inc €20 deposit.


Cellular Memory and Ancestral Healing with Mary O’Halloran

Mary offers a variety of therapies including Bio-Energy, Ancestral & Cellular Healing, IET, Stress Management, Light Therapy & Nutrition. Mary specialises in releasing emotional blocks (past present and future) helping you to move forward in your life. Tuning in to the subconscious (whats not been acknowledged) Mary facilitates the unlocking and releasing of deep unconscious patterns that no longer serve, to be transmuted and transformed. Inherited behaviour patterns, mind sets, and energy blockages that keep us stuck are at the root of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues are cleared and replaced with vibrant energy that the body mind Spirit integrates as needed. She usually combines the therapies as needed unless the client has a preference for one or other modality. Great for clearing doubt, mistrust, passivity, shame, fear etc that has been absorbed through life experience or from the ancestors. As the blocks are transmuted, the gifts are awakened. Mary will be in Limerick on Thursday 22nd September and in Ennis on Tuesday 27th September. Each session is 1 hour approx. and costs €70 inc €20 dep.


Angel Card Workshop with Martina Aylmer

After many successful runs Martina Aylmer will be running this Angel Card Workshop again where you will learn how to ground and protect yourself before and during a reading. You will receive a gentle meditation to calm your mind and let your angels communicate with you, you will learn how to read each card, the meaning of each card and how they can differ for each reading. You will need a set of Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels Cards (not included). Please bring a pad and pen, notes will be given out on the day. The workshop will take place in the Haven Workspace Limerick on Thursday 22nd September from 7 – 10pm. The cost is €50 in advance.


Tera-Mai Reiki 1 in the Haven Workspace

Have you ever wanted to learn Tera-Mai Reiki? Well, now here’s your chance, Reiki is a hands-on method of healing, which channels energy from the root of universal life energy through the practitioner’s hands to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. These workshops will teach you to use this energy to heal yourself and others, also to do distance healing and it will help to bring balance into your life. All levels of Tera-Mai Reiki will be on in the Haven Workspace, Limerick and Level 1 will be taking place on Saturday 24th September. The cost is €200 including a deposit of €100. Levels 2 and 3 will also be taking place. You must start Reiki at level 1. Please contact us if you are interested in attending any of these levels or want further information. (Concessions available)


Integrated Energy Therapy Basic Course with Martina Aylmer

I.E.T is one of the next generation- hands on- power energy therapy systems that gets the issues out of your tissues for good! In this class you will be attuned to a powerful Angelic energy ray that activates your 12 strand Spiritual DNA, you will learn how to Heartlink to the energy of your Angels and use their energy for Healing. You will learn how each primary Human emotion is correlated to a specific physical region of the body, as well as how to use the I.E.T Integration points to clear them. A fully illustrated training guide and certificate is provided. This workshop will be facilitated by Master Instructor Martina Aylmer. No prior Energy experiences needed, you can be an energy intuitive and through this I.E.T class you will learn how to feel and interpret energy flow. Facilitated by Martina Aylmer this will take place again soon. The cost is €170 payable in advance. If you are interested in this workshop please let us know and we will let you know dates when we have them. This will take place on Sunday 25th September from 9.30 – 6pm and costs €170 in advance.


Kundalini Yoga with Emma Hyde Kelly in the Haven Workspace

Emma will be offering introductory/ beginners classes in Kundalini Yoga. This Yoga is also known as the Yoga of Awareness; its focus is on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. For a more spiritual,relaxing and meditative experience. Classes are open to everyone who would like to give this unique and empowering style of Yoga a try.In Kundalini Yoga we learn to: Clear any inner duality, Create the power to deeply listen, Cultivate inner stillness, and Prosper and deliver excellence in all that we do. The next block starts from Wednesday 28th of September at 6pm at the Haven Workspace overhead Angel Times. €50 for 5week block. To book a place please call 061412882.



Healing Circle with the Angels with Lana O Farrell

Is there anything in your life that you would like to heal? Any negative thought patterns, unhelpful emotions or physical illness that stop you from leading the life that you know you deserve? Or are you just working really hard and feel you need some deep loving care?

This Monthly Healing Circle with the Angels will allow you to connect to, and activate your inner healing resources. You will be led on a gentle but powerful journey of self-healing, self-discovery and self-love, helping you dissolve anything that blocks the flow of life within you. During the Circle time you will receive your personal message from the Angels, learn about your innate healing gift, and enjoy a beautiful guided healing experience.
The Healing Circle will be facilitated by Lana O’Farrell, the intuitive energy healer, IET Master – Instructor and Reiki practitioner, author of ‘Mind your Energy Body’. In her healing and teaching work Lana works with Angels, Archangels and other Beings of Light, receiving necessary information, guidance and energy frequencies from them.

Price is €15 per person per evening in advance, last Thursday of the month starting on September, 29th, 7.30 pm – 9 pm. Please book either at Angel Times, tel. (061)412882 or directly with Lana, tel. 087-2868306 or email


Unicorn Reiki Practitioner Course with Eileen McCourt

Author Eileen McCourt will be back on Friday 30th September to give a Unicorn Reiki Practitioner Couse from 10 to 3pm. To do this day you must have already completed Reiki 1 and 2. Unicorn Reiki was one of the first non-traditional Reiki healing energies to be channelled with the special evolution of the earth in 2012. Unicorn Energy is unique, coming as it does from the mystical, high vibrational, pure Light energies of the Unicorns, who share the same domain as the Angelic Realms. And like Angelic energy, Unicorn energy is filled with pure Light and unconditional Love. This is all they know.
When you are introduced to the Unicorn energy, you will feel uplifted and remarkable healing will take place. Unicorns will reunite you with your true self and buried life experiences within Atlantis and your past. They will purify and cleanse your thoughts, so you no longer hold onto harmful negative emotions.
Unicorn healing is usually done by working in the auric field with the practitioner's hands hovering and not touching the client. Unicorn energy works by removing negative energy and opening blockages using vortex pulse waves, whereas traditional Reiki is a consistent pushing energy, where the healer has to move their hands. Unicorn energy feels like soft cotton balls wool, and is often felt moving up the client's arms or down their legs.
There are 3 symbols to be used in Unicorn Reiki , which the newly attuned practitioner is given, with which to work. Distance healing can also be done.
Know that once you are attuned, your unicorns are with you for life. Enjoy the wonderful new experiences they will bring you!
Course includes Attunements to the Unicorn Energy; course manual and Unicorn practitioner certificate. Numbers limited. €120 inc €30 deposit. Please contact Angel Times 061 61412882 to book.

Eileen will also be here on Saturday 1st October offering Archangel and other Reiki Healing Sessions. Each session takes around 45mins and the cost is €30 with a €10 deposit.

International Medium Dr Patricia Bell in Limerick

Mediumship Demonstration

We are honoured to have the International Medium Dr. Patricia Bell doing a Mediumship Demonstration in the Haven Workspace Limerick. This will entail Patricia starting with an inspirational talk followed by messages from those in Spirit. This will take place on Friday 30th September from 7.30pm and the cost is €15 in advance. Call 061412882 to book your place or pop into Angel Times Limerick

Love Is Timeless - Healing Grief And Learning To Live Again

This workshop has been created for you to re-connect! There is an overwhelming love of spirit that is still present after death and people are starving for the reconnection of this love. Dr. Patricia Bell understands this firsthand and will show you how this love still exists even after someone is gone. You will learn how to move forward in your life by understanding the special relationship between the love that exists in the “physical” world and also in the “spiritual” world. You can reconnect to this love anytime you choose. Knowing this, you can truly begin to heal.
It is less about “letting go” and more about transforming the mind, body and soul.

Topics addressed in the class will include:
• How You Can Connect With Your Spiritual Loved Ones
• How Spiritual Healing Is Always Available to You
• No Love ever Dies because Loved Ones do not “Leave” Us When They Depart
• How To Ask for the Love and Healing you Need Here and Outside This
Workshop In Your Daily Lives
• Allow yourself to Heal From Wounds of the Past

This workshop will run on Saturday 1st October from 10am to 4.30 in the Haven Workspace and will cost €80 in advance, call 061412882 to book or pop into Angel Times Limerick.

Patricia is one of the most gifted and well-respected mediums in the world. People from all over the world and all walks of life seek Dr. Bell’s messages for healing and guidance, as well as to serve as a bridge to connect the spirit world into communication with this world. You can learn more about Dr. Bell and her book
Timeless Love -- A Guide To Healing Grief and Learning To Live Again at


Alchemy - Discover your inner Alchemist One Day Workshop

"Alchemy is the ability to transform one state of consciousness into another using the power of intention and Focus"

To transform one state of energy into another using your inner guidance system and a little Focus. Alchemy is the ability to transform a duller/baser frequency into a higher/lighter frequency. This can be done consciously from the Present moment.

Would you like to be able to heal emotional trauma without having to run it through the emotional body?
Are you finished with re-living old emotional trauma and would like a refreshing and enlightening perspective on going to the next "level"?
From Present time you have simple skills and tools available to you to begin to release any "baggage" you may be holding on to. When you can observe yourself from Present time much becomes available to you and many new possibilities begin to emerge. You will begin to break the habits of old and allow the new you to emerge.

At this workshop we will bring Clarity and Awareness as to how we are currently experiencing ourselves through our past. From here we will begin to observe from a space of Present time. Then from Present time we will implement a simple tool to literally transmute any emotional "connections" to past events/traumas. Now this isn't a case of erasing the event/trauma all together... it's more along the lines of cutting the emotional chord to the event thus freeing you up!

Can you imagine living your life with a real sense of lightness and freedom? It is possible, and you alone have the power to be able to do it. At this enlightening workshop you will really access a very large part of you which exists in Present time only and begin to nurture it. Along the way knowing how to deal with old "stuff" coming up. The ability to transcend the old is upon you. Join us.

Jason Gorham of Meditation365 focuses his Workhops on the Simplicity and Practicality required when practising being Present and Aware.
He understands that it is important to be able to be Present while being at home with the kids, at a meeting at work and driving the car. At these workshops Jason teaches you to be in a state of Presence and Awareness, not only with your eyes closed but also with them open! He will teach you the ability to recognise beyond doubt when you are Present and sometimes more importantly... when you're not.
You can be Present 100% of the time, when you know how!

Having completed this event you will have access to his online 25 minute guided meditation which is designed to enable you to continue the practice in Ease.

The Workshop will take place from 10am – 3pm on Sunday October 2nd 2016 at The Haven Workspace and costs €79 Full Day (€49 for previous attendees of Jasons' course/workshops). Call 061412882 to book



Tree of Life - True Energy Workshop with Sara Lee Cassidy

This workshop focuses on different energetic Alpha light yoga special energy moves and Mudras that open up the Tree of life and energy body and also chant work that activates the tree of life energy body to open up to the energy body and connect with universal life force or Qi.

The second part of the workshop uses Seiki contact as a illustration of how we can feel and connect with the energy of others through resonance. It is ultimately the connection with the formless form of our truest selves. True pure life force.To know you are the universe and now to feel it!

It will run on Thursday 6th October from 7.30 - 9.30pm. The cost is €30 payable in advance. Call 061412882 or call into Angel Times to book.


Wiping the Mirror - One day Workshop with Janet Kingston

We are mirrors that have the potential to perfectly reflect the light of the Universe. Over the 12 years of experience that Janet has accumulated in running successful workshops such as the Artist’s Way, Reiki and Magnified Healing among others, she has developed an understanding of how we as individuals allow life to tarnish this mirror and keep us from achieving our true potential. This one day workshop will introduce, or re-introduce you to tools and concepts such as the law of attraction, intuition, grounding, protecting your energy and living in the moment to help you wipe the mirror clean.

“Wiping the Mirror” will be held on Saturtday 5th November from 10am to 5pm. The cost of the workshop is €100 including €50 deposit. Concession price is €80. and it will be held in the Haven Workspace Limerick. Call 061412882 to book.


Treassa Halpin - Mediumship, Angel and Tarot Readings

We are delighted to say that Treassa Halpin will be back with us in soon Both Ennis and in Limerick. Natural Healer, Psychic and Medium, Treassa is returning to do Mediumship, Tarot and Angel Card readings. She also works hands on with both people and race horses and has also released a series of Relaxation/Meditation CDs. The cost for a reading is €60 inc €20 deposit.


Aura Photography in Angel Times Limerick

Angela Brady is a counselling therapist, reiki and rahanni Master and will be with us in Limerick on TBC to do Aura Photograpghy. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, Aura Imaging gives a visual representation of the Aura that surrounds your physical body. Pioneered by the Russians in the last Century, Aura Imaging has opened up a whole new understanding of how stress affects the physical body and how our emotions can influence our health. Each consultation is at least 20 minutes but can take more and is now on special offer at €30 including €10 deposit and can be booked by calling 061 412882.












Please note that we can now take credit card deposits for most items above by phone if required. If you book a place it can not be secured until we receive the deposit, deposits will be refunded only when 72 hours + notice is given.

To book any of the events above with no other booking details, please either call into either shop or phone us in limerick on 061 412882 /email or in Ennis on 065 6864800 /email


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