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Dragon Crystal Reiki

Dragon Crystal Reiki with Eileen McCourt


Eileen McCourt will be in Angel Times on Saturday afternoon the 8th October teaching Dragon Crystal Reiki Practitioner Level. To do this you must have completed a different basic healing modality, such as Reiki 1, basic IET or Rahanni etc.

DRAGON CRYSTAL REIKI is a strong healing energy, one of the most recent modalities to be introduced to us here on planet earth. Dragons have been around the earth plane for many thousands of years, but it is only now that we are starting to feel them, however, due to the raising of the vibration of our planet. They have always lived amongst us, on a higher vibrational level, hence we have not realised their presence. They come from Spirit and have never existed in the physical realms, only in the Spiritual realms of the other worlds.

While the traditional Usui Reiki was initiated in Japan in the 1800s where the ancient healing technique of Jesus was rediscovered, in China, Dragon Reiki was developed by practitioners of Japanese-based Reiki who combined the energy of the dragon with the deep healing of Nature. Dragon Reiki teaches that healing begins within the individual, on a spiritual level, before healing the physical; the mental and spiritual well-being of a person dictates the physical condition. Dragon energy also acts as a protector and source of strength. Dragons clear negative energies and bring powerful Spiritual Reiki Healing. 

The new practitioner is given four symbols. First, the ‘Dragon’s Heart Key’, which brings harmony and balance. It can be used to clear and transform negative energy into white Light, and also for protection. Secondly, the ‘Transformation Symbol’, which is used to bring about change or clearance of a problem or situation. It helps people who are stressed to make positive changes in their life. This symbol is similar to the Reiki Power Symbol, so is very strong. Thirdly, the ‘Balance Symbol’, which is useful for realigning your chakras, especially your third eye and throat chakra. This symbol helps people to open up and be more honest and truthful. Fourthly, the ‘Unity Symbol’, which is used in deep meditation to connect with your higher self, and to connect your guides and Spiritual helpers with your physical body, mind and soul. This symbol reinforces your life’s purpose and helps you to remain on the right path and not be persuaded by outsiders to change your direction. It also helps you to accept who you are, and to be proud of who you are. In addition to these four symbols, the new practitioner is given the’ Unification Symbol’, for personal use. This symbol represents the joining of two different powers, human and Dragon, to be united, making a stronger connection between you and your Dragon.

Book your space on this wonderful course for €120.

If you wish to pay by phone please call +353 61 317721.

Learn more about Eileen McCourt here.




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