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Wellness Coach – Gillian O’Gorman

My name is Gillian and I am a Life & Executive Coach, a Heath & Wellness Coach, a Wellness Workshop Facilitator, Wellness Advocate and Speaker, and just so we are clear, I am also in recovery for negative thinking, living in a constant state of stress as well as being extremely hard on myself. I have experienced first-hand the effect that stress can have on the mind, the body and the spirit. I have learned that once we are challenged in one area of our lives, we often allow it to have a domino negative effect into all areas, affecting relationships, our health and our overall wellbeing. Sound familiar? Often, this happens due to negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs or old programmes that we are running in our subconscious mind since our childhood.  The good news is WE CAN CHANGE.

My journey into wellness began with the diagnosis of an autoimmune condition, a stress disorder that was the result of chronic stress and anxiety I experienced for 8 years. I was overworked, undervalued and felt disempowered in both my professional and personal life. I had poor coping strategies, was extremely self-critical and sat in the “why me” victim mode thus creating havoc with my own health & wellbeing. In 2016 I sat across from a Coach for the first time, and in that one hour, I learned more about myself, my thought patterns, my limiting beliefs and my ability to hinder my happiness. Finally I could be FREE, Why? because I had the ability to CHANGE all that, one step at a time.

My decision to move into the area of TRANSFORMATION and change was motivated by my own experience and the positive impact my coaching training had and continues to have on my life. For those of you who don’t know much about what coaching is, lets begin with what it is not. Coaching is not therapy, it is not counselling, it is not about fixing you, it is not about mentoring you, it is about EMPOWERING you to listen to that voice inside of you, your gut instinct, your inner being and to create a space for you to reconnect to that amazing part of yourself, that part of you, like many of us, may have been lost along the way. As a Coach I believe that all the answers lie within my clients, and it is my job to empower and support them on their wellness journey. In your time with a Coach, you will become aware of your values, your beliefs and your emotional boundaries or lack thereof. You will learn what makes YOU tick and why you make the decisions you do.

As a Coach I believe that all the answers lie within my clients, and it is my job to empower and support them on their wellness journey”.

Wellness Coaching is a process of creating a Well Life Vision and navigating your way to achieving this vision. This is done by partnering with your Coach, who will support you in assessing where you are at in your life right now, deciding where you want to be and defining the areas you want to start to make changes in. Coaching is a powerful form of personal development, focusing on achieving goals by taking actions that you are held accountable for. When we speak of “wellness” we look at the 4 pillars of wellbeing; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Today, why not start exploring your wellness by asking yourself questions like:

What does Wellness mean to me?

What could I be doing more of in my life?

What could you I be doing less of in my life?

It is these type of powerful self-exploratory, self-reflective questions that will help you understand yourself better. Personal development is exactly what is says…personal. There is no one size fits all, it is about exploring YOUR beliefs and becoming clearer about the path you wish to take, be that in relationships, your career, your finances or your health, you decide the agenda!

Throughout your time working with a Coach, you will identify your limiting beliefs and will be supported in developing a healthy mind-set along with making healthy sustainable lifestyle changes in all 4 pillars of your wellbeing. I strongly believes that it is my purpose as a Coach to empower my clients to take back control of their wellbeing, one step at a time.

Gillian is a regular visitor to Angel Times and you can book appointments directly with her on 087 2376703. You can also find out more here.

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