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The Silent Heart

The 7 gates to spiritual freedom.

The seven gates to spiritual freedom, is the gateway into the unseen world. Your past, your present, your future, your Angels, spirit guide, archhangels, ascended master, and avatars. When you work  with the seven gate’s  you will be working with the brow chakra and your crown chakra, the link between the physical world and the world of light.

At all times this link is the most high to help you to let go of all fear, worry, anxiety and disbelieving in one’s abilities and one’s divinity. When you work with the silent heart you will slowly begin to see changes occurring in yourself and in your Life.

You may find yourself becoming more peaceful and you may start to live more in the moment.

You become more aware of your thoughts patterns and you will come to love and accept yourself more.

You will no longer live in the past and you may find yourself slowing down and having more time to do all the things you need to do. 

You will push the boundaries within yourself. 

You will become more health conscious and you will come to realized that you are a spiritual being who has access to all of life. 

You will be on purpose following your light, your truth, you will be free.

The seven gates Modules are. Love, Divine Love, Forgiveness, Spiritual Freedom, ascension, compassion, manifestation.

You are slowly remembering that of which you have forgotten, but is locked deep within the cells of our memories , helping us to awaken as we journey towards home.

Francesca Brown, Angel Whisperer, Author & Spiritual Teacher.

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