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Francesca Brown Workshop – The Silent Heart

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Francesca Brown Workshop – The Silent Heart

This is a seven day Workshop with Francesca Brown, Spiritual Teacher, World renowned Angel Whisperer and  best-selling author. Participants are invited to attend one day a month over seven months starting Saturday September 14th. It is very important that participants commit to the full term of the course over the seven months.

The seven gates to spiritual freedom is the gateway into the unseen world, your past, your present, your future, your angels & spirit guides, the Archangels and the ascended Masters & avatars.

You will be taken on a journey into the different realms of consciousness that exist within us.   Each level of conscious is a gateway to help you let go, so you may find the freedom to be who you really are.



The Seven gates which will be covered are;

Day 1 – Divine Love – Saturday 14th September

Day 1 – Love – Saturday 14th September

Day 2 – Spiritual freedom – Saturday 12th October

Day 3 – Forgiveness – Saturday 9th November

Day 4 – Compassion – Saturday 7th December

Day 5 – Ascension – Saturday 11th January

Day 6 – Manifestation – Saturday 8th February

Day 7 – Bringing it all together – Saturday 7th March

The seven gates is the link with the brow chakra, also known as the third eye. The link between the brow chakra & the crown chakra is the link between the physical world and the world of light.

Each month you will be given a work book that will help you to understand your life more clearly on the pathways that is before you. You will come to understand so much more about yourself and the purpose of your life.

You may never be the same again as you find the freedom to be who  you really are, that you are divine.

Participants need only bring a pen and some lunch as the day will run from 10am to 3.30pm.

The cost is €95 for each day and participants are asked to pay for each a month in advance and places are limited.


Francesca will also be offering private readings while she is with us on Friday 13th September.

Should you wish to pay the First Day Workshop Fee online please click the button below.

If you wish to pay by phone please call +353 61 412 882.  

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