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Self Love Workshop to Attract your Soul Mate

The power of the Self Love Workshop with Tracey is in empowering us to create a safe space to grow, heal and overcome.

Self Love is the Key To Life: “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

Self Love changes everything. It filtrates out into our family dynamics, attracts our twin flame, helps us in dealing with anxiety and social phobia and connects us to our core authenticty.

As part of the workshop you will receive a journal to connect daily to self love. You will be encouraged to write down every day what’s beautiful about yourself etc…. The workshop will have an atmosphere enriched by diffused oils, candles and incense. There will also be snacks and refreshments available and you will receive a handout sheet to take home.

Accepting ourselves 

Valuing ourselves 

Learn to set boundaries with people who devalue our self worth be they family, friends, aquaintances or any person with whom we have a toxic dynamic.

The evening will conclude with a beautiful self love meditation with diffused orange oil, lots of candles and beautiful Meditation music.

Start your journey of self love… Work on it! it doesn’t happen by magic… Self work yields change. 

Cultivate your inner butterfly 🦋 

The Self Love Workshop will take place in the Haven Workspace above Angel Times on St. Valentine’s Day, Friday 14th February from 6.30 to 9pm.

The cost for the workshop is €25 paid in advance. Please call the shop on 061412882 to reserve your place and pay by card. Alternatively you can on Paypal by clicking here.