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Say YES to Self Emotional Boundaries Workshop

Say YES to Self Emotional Boundaries Workshop

In this Emotional Boundaries Workshop we will look at boundaries as the basic guidelines that people create to establish how others are able to behave around them. It is also essential to have personal boundaries in order to have healthy relationships.

What is the definition of an Emotional Boundary?

Emotional boundaries distinguish separating your emotions, and responsibility for them, from someone else’s. This is because healthy boundaries prevent you from giving unwanted advice, blaming others or accepting blame from others. They protect you from feeling guilty for someone else’s negative feelings or problems and, therefore, taking others’ comments personally.

In this 1 day Emotional Boundaries Workshop with Gillian O’Gorman you will examine the importance of introducing emotional boundaries in all areas of your life, family, relationships, at work and with friends.

As a result, you will develop the confidence to Say YES to YOURSELF and NO to others. This is happen without fear and guilt. You will become clear on the value and importance of boundaries and the cost of not having them. Most of all you will walk away from this program understanding that you are not responsible for another persons’ feelings, reactions or experiences. Reclaim your Wellbeing by joining us for this informative and transformative day.

In addition, all workshop notes will be provided on the day. The course will run from 10:00am to 4:30pm on Saturday 29th February with a break for lunch. The cost of the course is €70 payable in advance. To pay via Paypal please click here.

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Wellness Coach Gillian O’Gorman is the founder of the Wellness Lounge. The Wellness Lounge is a meetup for people to RELAX, RECHARGE & REFLECT on their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. In addition, in her role as a wellness coach, Gillian empowers her clients to take control of their wellbeing one step at a time. Finally, to see more about Gillian please visit her website on thewellnesslounge.ie.