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Rahanni Healing – Eileen McCourt

Rahanni Healing – Eileen McCourt

Rahanni is a beautiful healing ray beamed from Andromeda and Sirius, and incorporating the combined energies of Ascended Masters Quan Yin  and Lord Melchizadek, the 7 main Archangels, and 50 celestial pink angels, pink being the color on which the energy of love vibrates.

My name is Eileen McCourt, retired school teacher of History and English. I am a Reiki Grand Master Teacher and Spiritual author with 24 books published to date.  I have brought many of the higher celestial energy healing modalities into Ireland for the first time, from Spain and England, and I teach them at various venues throughout the country, including Angel Times Limerick.

On Sunday 3rd November, I will be in Angel Times to teach Rahanni Celestial Healing practitioner course.

There are no pre-qualifications needed for this modality. For further information, please visit my website, www.celestialhealing8.co.uk

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