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Numerology Workshop

Numerology Workshop with Eileen McCourt


In the words of Pythagoras! – ‘All is number!’ 

The universe is structurally based on numbers, –  they are the foundation of what brings all things together, and into their ultimate form. The patterns in Nature repeat themselves in precise formulas,  –  patterns all based on numbers!

The Universe is made up of numbers – and so are we! Numbers make up everything and everything is made of numbers, – numbers being an energetic frequency, and we are all energy, vibrating on different vibration frequency levels. And with numbers, their shape and structure are also of great importance.

The universe itself is a vibration, the world in which we live is a vibration. We all come into this incarnation, into this earth energy vibration frequency on our own unique vibration wavelength.

The study of Numerology is not new, or any sort of ‘new-age’ stuff that many people tend to ridicule. Numbers are an ancient, primordial, universal avenue of communication, and were taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools thousands of years ago. 

Numbers are part of our own DNA and what we call our own soul blue-print. Your soul blue-print is your signature vibration that carries within it who you are and represents your purpose in this world. Your soul imprint carries a specific number frequency, and this frequency is a universal, intergalactic, cosmic language, a language that is understood everywhere throughout all of creation, a language that transcends all cultures, just as the universal language of music transcends all cultures, reaching into infinity and eternity. 

YOU ARE A NUMBER!   – Encoded within the great cosmic code!

And at this numerology workshop in Angel Times, you will learn how to find your own personal number, and the magic power, strength and significance of that number!

The cost for this workshop is €30 inc deposit.

If you wish to pay by phone please call +353 61 317721.

Learn more about Eileen McCourt here.

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