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Kundalini Reiki Practitioner Course

Kundalini Reiki Practitioner Course

Author Eileen McCourt will be back on Saturday 2nd November to give a Kundalini Reiki Practitioner Course from 10am to 4pm. To do this day you must have already completed Reiki 1 and 2.

KUNDALINI  Reiki is similar to Usui Reiki, but it is a specific strand of energy, channeled by connecting to earth’s energy.

In Sanskrit, Kundalini translates to “coiled up, coils, the coiled power” and is often represented in drawings as a snake or serpent that rests coiled around the base of the spine, at the root chakra. This energy remains dormant unless awakened (known as Kundalini Awakening). Kundalini Awakening can happen through the attunement process or simply through meditation and/or prayer.  Sometimes it comes suddenly and spontaneously, such as by a near-death experience.

When we waken the KUNDALINI energy, the serpent will uncoil upwards in a spiral movement, awakening the chakras up to and including the crown chakra, in an explosive enlightening.

Occasionally the person will be aware as the subconscious unveils and  there is a vast increase in knowledge and awareness. Normally this is not instant or immediate.

After KUNDALINI AWAKENING it can happen during meditation that the person becomes aware of their past lives or can be conscious of the opening of consciousness, being in the Universal Oneness, total awareness of All That Is. As soon as you start to think, it all disappears instantly. You cannot experience any of this when you are in duality, observing it. Only when you are in the Oneness can you experience it.



You will be attuned with the KUNDALINI symbol at the base of your spine, and  then the teacher will begin to move the energy upwards towards your heart. The symbol will then be placed in your heart chakra, front and back, and again, the energy will be moved upwards to your crown. Then you will be attuned on both palms. Your teacher will ask you to open your eyes when you feel the energy rising at your crown, as a signal that  it is time to close.



When you are attuned to Kundalini Reiki, you will most likely have 3 stages of experience:

Stage 1:  As the teacher places the symbol at the base of your spine, you may feel a sensation there as the energy begins to rise.

Stage 2:  You will feel an expansion, in a spiral effect, around your heart area.  Swaying is normal with this, but not always.  Your palms will probably feel hotter, maybe even as if they are on fire.

Stage 3:   You will most likely feel the energy rise from your heart to your throat, with a heavy or hot feeling at the back of your neck. Also a feeling will be experienced in the 3rd Eye and the crown. The energy will most likely surge up and down the spine and you may experience seeing a bright light.

Numbers limited. €150 inc €50 deposit.

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