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Karmic Astrology Readings with Daryl Cusack

Astrology is much more than just the weekly horoscope! It is a system of ancient wisdom that encompasses many different levels and disciplines. There is, however, a lesser known form of Astrology called Karmic Astrology. Readings using this form can provide a map to the soul. This in turn leads to the treasure of greater self-knowledge and understanding.

Karmic Astrology readings will help you gain a better understanding of the planetary forces at play on the day of your birth. You can discover how the respective positions and alignments of the planets act as an energetic signature which, when properly decoded, describe your Soul’s karma. You will gain an understanding of the journey you are on along with the challenges you face leading ultimately to your destiny.

The cost for a 60 minute reading is €60 including €20 deposit andDaryl is available for remote readings via Skype, WhatsApp, Messneger and several other platforms. Call 0872628539 and we can organise it.

During the one hour long reading you will receive:

Karmic Astrological chart analysis.

Daryl will create your chart using software customised and enhanced for karmic readings. He will explain the chart in as much detail as possible. Planets, Houses, Signs, Aspects, Major and Minor Astrological Bodies and calculation of Aspect “Parts” are all included.

Tarot and iChing Astrological Correspondences.

The Tarot and iChing have a close relationship with the Planets and the Signs of the Zodiac. They can be mapped using Hermetic keys and diagrams.
Daryl will start with Karmic Astrology but then use the Tarot and iChing to enrich and expand this understanding with the insights they provide.

Think of this as a Tarot and IChing reading for your Soul, informed by the Planets themselves.

You will receive a full analysis report on your astrological chart and all of the associated information by email. There will also be printout of the report for you on the day too.

Questions during the reading are, of course, very welcome and Daryl will endeavour to direct the flow of the discussion toward the aspects of the reading that are of most interest to you.

You can pay the deposit over the phone on 061 412 882. You can also pay using Paypal by clicking here.

Please see our Deposit & Cancellation Policy here.

Everyone has incarnated into this realm at an exact point in time for a reason. Are you ready to find out what your reason is?

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