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inside & outside retreat

Inside & Outside Retreat

Saturday 22nd October from 9.30am

A gracefully aging face is a beautiful thing. But in our efforts to conform to societies idea of beauty, we are losing our ability to see beauty as the body grows older. The beauty of each of us grows with each passing year. But we have forgotten this. The Inside & Outside Retreat will remind you.

Beauty is not something that can be bought or measured. It is in our smile or our frown, the softness of our touch and the gentleness of our eyes. Beauty is in the light from within that radiates and illuminates our faces. Beauty is in the face of the young and the old and everything in between.

Yes, we get lines and wrinkles and bits of us droop here and there, but these are the way we have travelled, the life we have lived. Our body and face are not the same in any decade and each decade brings its own beauty.

Changes do occur to our face and body that we would like to slow down. Our nose might droop as the connective tissue supporting the cartilage weakens, our cheeks might become flat, the eyes might get hooded and wrinkled and that once lovely jawline becomes less toned and sags.

Exercising the facial muscles through face yoga and strengthen the body through Pilates can improve and restore vitality and aliveness to the face and body. But the real work begins in our meditation and our willingness to let our light shine.

Come along and join Elaine on this one-day retreat of relaxation, meditation, face yoga and Pilates and begin the journey of exploring and embracing our beauty inside and out.

To book this workshop for €95 click the below link or call us on 061 317721. 

Learn more about Elaine here.




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