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Getting to know your Angels & Guides - A Workshop by Francesca Brown

Getting to Know Your Angels & Guides - One Day Workshop

Getting to know your Angels & Guides in a simple way – A workshop with Francesca Brown.

Saturday 1st October from 10am – 3.30pm, €95 paid in advance. 

Learning to communicate with your Angels & Spirit Guides can give you many insights into your life and will help you to understand the true nature of who you really are.

It can help to open a door to a new way of living and thinking, that opens up our world to the many possibilities that live within us.

It is a world that offers so much, so that we may have the best possible life that your Angels and Guides offer to you.

On this one day workshop you will learn to communicate with your Angels and Spirit Guides, so you may begin your own personal journey with them. You will work with Angel cards, inspirational speaking and writing, you will learn the importance of grounding and anchoring yourself into the vibration of your Angels and Spirit Guides and so much more.

The more we learn to understand our Angels and Spirit Guides, the more we are being guided home, so we may remember all that we have forgotten but is already stored within us.




When Francesca Brown comes to Limerick she will always also offer private readings. Please click here to find out more about those.

Please click here to find out more about Francesca.


“My sister asked was I going to see ‘my guru’ one weekend and I answered ‘yes’ and we both laughed.  Francesca Brown would certainly never say she was a guru but she certainly is a teacher, at least to me.

I first came across Francesca about four years ago after I had a reading with her.  I was so impressed by her ‘natural’ qualities of down to earthiness, realness and of course her great sense of humour.  She has no ego.

Francesca came into my life at a time when I felt ‘ready’ to further explore my own spiritual journey and it is no coincidence that our paths crossed. She has opened up my mind to ‘other realities’ and has given me a sense of affirmation and confirmation about things I already felt I knew.

I then started to attend her workshops. Through these workshops I met up with other like minded folk, where we talk, explore and ‘raised’ our consciousness. I have met some lovely people at these workshops and Francesca creates a ‘safe’ environment with a lovely mixture of fun, chat and encouragement. I always try to attend her workshops where possible and come away with a lovely sense of fulfilment and peace.

Francesca has certainly enhanced my spiritual growth and I am very fortunate to have her on this part of my journey and for that I am eternally grateful.

If you are fortunate to cross paths with Francesca in your life, you won’t forget her as she shines her light so brightly that her spark of it stays with you.” – Mary W

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