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Positively Transforming Your Home & Life with Feng Shui- 1 Day Workshop

Do You Want to Be Happier, Healthier, Wealthier & Luckier?

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The Power of Positive Transformation for You, Your Family, Your Home & Your Life

Find out about you and your family’s unique feng shui horoscope. By this we mean the way you communicate and interact with others, your health and nutrition, how to detox and the best diet, your emotional well-being, how to get more sleep, your relationships and family harmony, and how to correctly analyse your home. Learn about best timing, accurate energy alignment, taboos to avoid, the power seat, clutter and cleansing, crystals and mirrors, and finally, how to become successful, prosperous and live an abundant life.

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‘It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people’s lives’ 

Do you suffer from lack of opportunities, financial issues, family arguments and business setbacks? 
Have you Ill health or lack of vitality and need peace of mind, positivity and a fresh outlook on life? 
Do you have relationship difficulties, work stresses, no inspiration or motivation, and low morale and productivity? 
In addition, are you unhappy living with clutter, stale décor, outdated furnishings, poor flow or layout affecting day-to-day living?

Nina will be with us in the Haven Workspace above Angel Times on Sunday 4th October. The cost for this event is €100 payable in advance or €90 early bird before August 20th. You can pay the fee on Paypal below. However, you can also call the shop on 061412882 to book.

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Please see our Deposit & Cancellation Policy here.

Remember to bring plans, photos and images of your home.

About Nina

NINA KATI is an award winning nationally recognised interior designer and Chinese master trained authentic feng shui consultant. In conclusion, she is Ireland’s leading authentic feng shui interior design specialist

Nina is the stand-alone specialist in her field with more than 20 years of expertise, and her outstanding commitment to her profession is evidenced not just by her awards, but also for what she is renowned: bringing authentic feng shui and feng shui interior design mainstream whilst dispelling any misconceptions about this secret science. Prior to setting up in professional practice in design in 2000, she studied under a Chinese master to train in authentic feng shui, which concerns matching our energies to the buildings we live and work in to create balance and harmony for good health, better relationships and greater wealth.

Later she studied under a master Oriental practitioner to further her knowledge about feng shui for our body, mind and spirit which concerns our physical vitality, emotional well-being and inner self, elevating her knowledge in connection to our oneness with, and the wellness of, the buildings we live and work in, to a whole new level. See more about Nina here.

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Nina’s Reputation

Nina’s reputation is built on trust and transformation; her clients’ site tangible benefits to their lives in terms of health, relationships and wealth 

Their testimonials are compelling proof that no one else can do the same for you as Nina can. In addition, your happiness, health and well-being are at the heart of her ethos, and only Nina uniquely tailors her designs using birth dates and energy-matching. By understanding that emotional connection of ‘oneness’ with your home she can show you how to create personalised, energised, harmonised spaces.

Learn how to identify areas of optimum improvement in your home, add wow and the X factor so that it not only looks amazing, but the space FEELS incredible too. There is a healthier flow throughout your home, a sensitive emotional and soulful connection with your place, your interiors are uniquely relaxing and refreshing, your energies positively align with your new spaces, and above all you get peace of mind knowing everything is just right – ensuring you and your family can live a better quality, stress-free, more positive and productive life.

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Finally, do you want ant to live your best life? Ready for your positive transformation? Book your place now

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