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Empowering the Empath with Bríd Keeley

Empowering the Empath with Bríd Keeley

We are delighted to bring the Workshop Empowering the Empath with Bríd Keeley to Limerick. Janet attended this course in Clare recently and can’t speak highly enough of it.

Are you an Empath?

Have you ever been told that you are unusually sensitive?

Can you tell how other people around you are feeling?

Well this half day workshop may just be perfect for you. In it you will learn how to understand this special sensitive gift and be shown how to connect, disconnect and protect yourself.

You will be taught how to develop and understand how our Angels and spirits communicate with us.

The Empowering the Empath Workshop with Bríd Keeley takes place in the Haven Workspace above Angel Times on a date to be decided from 10am to 1pm. The cost is €50 payable in advance.

Bríd Keeley is a psychic healer from the west of Ireland.  While channelling healing she experiences her clients’ physical and emotional pain.  Bríd has the ability to communicate with the dead and frequently assists trapped souls on their journey home.

She takes no credit for her perceptive ability and clarity while channelling healings.  During the process she is able to see into the depths of the soul.  She sees where we lock the things away that still trouble us and, subconsciously but ultimately, influence our lives.  She gently guides us through the process of releasing these burdens.

Bríd tells us “our ship is in.”  It is up to us whether we take the journey.

You can pay by calling into the shop, calling 061 412882 to pay by card or by Paypal here.

Please see our Deposit & Cancellation Policy here.


I attended this workshop with Brid in Clare and found it immensely beneficial, so I asked her if she would come and run it for us in Limerick, so here it is! So many of us are empaths and many have no idea how to look after ourselves, if you feel like this please don’t miss this opportunity to attend this workshop with Brid. Love and light. Janet Angel Times

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