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Elemental Reiki

Elementals (Nature Spirits) Reiki Practitioner Level
with Eileen McCourt


€120 INC €60 DEPOSIT

ELEMENTALS (NATURE SPIRITS) REIKI is a unique healing modality that beautifully combines the healing energy of the fairies and other elemental beings. This course will open your energy to the frequency of the elemental kingdom so you will become as one of them. Healing with the elementals is special because you will be helping the environment as well as animals and people.

This healing energy works through the Divine Love of the Elemental Kingdom, healing the chakras, the auric fields and the emotions, awakening the Soul to help the physical body and mind cope with life’s issues. During this workshop you will learn nine brand new symbols that can be integrated into your current Reiki practice.

Students must have previously learnt Level One of Reiki or any other basic healing modality.

There is lots more information on this wonderful workshop below. 

The cost for this workshop is €120 in deposit of €60.

If you wish to pay by phone please call +353 61 317721.

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More information on Elementals Reiki –

The elemental kingdom is comprised of many types of fairies, gnomes, pixies and others but they fall into four main groups. The group they are in will depend on what material and element they resonate with. The elemental group works and heals using the energy of water, fire, soil or air, and has an influence on everything we walk on and the air we breathe. Earth and air elementals work together when healing, as their combined frequencies are able to penetrate deeper when healing a person or animal. The earth elemental frequency resonates with crystals, soil, sand, gemstones, rocks, stones and the earth, whereas the air elementals are natural healers, helping animals and plants. The earth and air elementals are cheeky, curious, eager to learn and playful. They look like Tinkerbell, and tend to play around a healer’s head, making their nose itch with their wings gently touching the face. They have transparent wings and bodies which change colour depending on where they are and what they are doing. Healing with the earth and air elementals changes, depending on whether the need is for heavier energy to be removed, or lighter energy to raise frequency. These combined groups work usually on chakras, the auric field and emotions. At the start of a healing session clients may feel like they want to sneeze or that they have bubbles up their nose, like when having a glass of champagne. This is the earth and air fairies working on the crown chakra and then the third eye. When the healing travels down to the throat chakra, the person may feel like coughing as the fairies work to release any emotional and physical blockages. These sensations usually don’t last long once the fairies have managed to create a healing channel so their healing can surge down to the feet. Undines, water sprites and sylphs are the elemental fairies that work and heal using the power of water. Water elementals heal the soul and higher self. Salamanders are the elementals who work using the power of fire, moving within the fire energy. They are the most unpredictable and temperamental healers, but their energy is immensely powerful. The fire Elementals heal the physical body and bring protection. Elemental Reiki uses eight symbols derived from Goddess, Elemental and Pagan energy. All Reiki symbols are able to be signed with others from different Reiki types, for example, Angel, Dragon, Unicorn, Dolphin, Golden Eagle etc. Many of the Elemental Symbols do not have a correct way of signing them except with bringing the energy from above and down towards earth. Each symbol needs to be signed only once. The ‘Spirit Symbol’ represents the Oneness of the universe with man. It is all that we are, were, and ever could be. It is the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. This symbol is for healing any and all afflictions to do with a Spiritual nature. It brings people back to the here and now, to face their problems, and gives them direction in what they need to do. The energy of the Spirit symbol awakens the soul to help the physical mind and body cope with life’s issues. The ‘Water Symbol’ represents love, emotions, feelings, nurturing and balance in times of change. This symbol helps with healing involving an emotional nature, or balancing stress or anxiety problems. The ‘Fire Symbol’ grounds and seals the newly awakened Reiki energies, and so is drawn downwards from the heavens to the earth. It brings in inner and physical strength to increase confidence and self-worth, so the person is no longer a victim, and helps people who have addictions to go to the core of the problem. The ‘Air Symbol ‘ represents the ‘breath of life’ using the elemental power of movement in the air. It is for use on people who are not being honest or truthful to themselves, those with a blocked throat chakra, as they are unable to express themselves. This symbol awakens ideas by giving clarity of thought and honesty, so people see the clearer picture. It is also good to use on soft tissue injuries, and especially clients with asthma or those recovering from a chest infection. The ‘Earth Symbol’ represents Mother Goddess energy. The energy of this symbol connects us to Nature by grounding us and helping us feel supported and soothed. It is for use in slowing down chakras that are spinning too fast or are too open. It is signed into the crown chakra or third eye to help an anxious person or a child with ADHD to become calm. The ‘Comfort Symbol’, a gentle and compassionate energy, is for emotional problems and so is only to be used on the throat and heart chakras. If used by mistake on the solar plexus, it may make the client angry with the symbol bringing up buried anger caused by emotional hurt. It cannot, of course, be signed incorrectly, as your guides are always in control. It brings comfort to those dealing with dramatic life changes, for example bereavement, separation, redundancy, retirement, financial debt, crime or betrayal. The ‘Growth Symbol ‘is only to be used on the lower three chakras,- the solar plexus, sacral and base. This symbol converts negative particles into light, and so eats away at negativity. It is for use on those with bad backs, hip, knee or ankle problems. The ‘Eternal Love Symbol’ brings in Divine Love of the elementals, Angels and Unicorns. It increases protection with its gold energy, as all lower energies are repelled by love. This beautiful symbol brings in love to everyone. Finally, the ‘Elemental Master Symbol’ is for practitioners’ use only, for those attuned to Elemental Reiki. Its purpose is to increase your elemental Reiki power for all elemental disciplines of healing. It can be signed on your pillow before you go to sleep or on the back of the chair before you begin your meditation. Once you have been attuned, the Elemental Reiki will be with you always, so your Guides will help you see the Light in any negative situations. People will be drawn to your fairy energy, especially children and animals. Your home will be filled with fun and love from the elemental kingdom. The child in you will be brought out, opening your heart to joy and happiness.

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