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Connecting with your Angels

Connecting with your Angels

We all have Guardian Angels.  Even in our darkest hours they are with us, never leaving our side , always guiding and supporting us on our journey through life. Since our birth we all have Angels whose sole purpose is to light the way for us .

We think connecting with Angel’s will be so hard and only reserved “for the chosen few, but this is not the case at all! We all have the ability to connect but Angel’s predominantly connect through our intuition, our ‘”gut feeling” our “knowing.”

The first step in creating this connection is to trust, trust your intuition and inner wisdom.  This journey takes time and it is called a journey for good reason, but it is one you will never regret going on. Angels will always give a sign if asked, especially when you are just starting to connect with them. Signs can come in many different forms, from feathers to coins. Familiar songs are a really strong sign from Angels where the words are just what is needed at that particular time. The more you watch out for signs and the more you trust that your Angels are with you and working through you, the more your intuition becomes stronger until you are living a life of peace and contentment.

The benefits of connecting with your Angel’s are immense. Just knowing you are not on your own and you have a spiritual support team is so soothing and peaceful.

There are many tools to help with Angelic connection from crystals to meditation. Also, going for an energy healing session can release any negativity that can block your Divine connection. Angel Cards are a very common connection tool where the messages on the cards bring comfort and peace and building a daily practice of using your cards will also help develop that budding intuition!

On the 21st September I will be hosting an Angel Card Workshop in Angel Times to help you with your connection through Angel Cards. I will show you how to use your intuition to read the cards and how to feel and work with the Angels while using the cards. This course is designed for beginners so if you have a curiosity about Angels this day will get you started and help you deepen your Angelic connection.

Angel Blessings

Martina Aylmer

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