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Change Your Thoughts with Gillian O’Gorman

Change Your Thoughts with Gillian O’Gorman

I remember the day I discovered my limiting belief around relationships. I was sitting in my car, waiting to get access to the car park. I had woken up that morning, frustrated and feeling disempowered as another potential relationship had finished before it even got started. 

I asked myself this question:

“Gillian what is your belief around relationships?”

Instantly I replied in my head “they happen to other people”

I was amazed and excited, why? Because now I had the root of my problem. I held a belief that was limiting me from achieving success and happiness in an area of my life that was making me feel sad, a failure, lonely. 

A belief is just a thought we keep thinking and our thoughts have energy. Once we unlock our limiting belief we can start to change the story we are telling ourself.

Over the following 6 weeks I changed my story everyday by telling myself that of course I too can enjoy a loving relationship, I started to list out why I thought that and started to get into the excited feeling of it already being here. 

I say 6 weeks because it was in that time period that I met my now partner and began our relationship.

We can have so many limiting beliefs that block us from our desires or what we truly deserve. Join me on Sunday 10th November to become more aware of your thoughts and learn strategies to change your story so you can begin to enjoy the life you want.

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