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Cartomancy with Joesphine Harhen

Cartomancy with Joesphine Harhen

Reading the playing cards was the one of the first forms of Fortune Telling.  It has been handed down from generation to generation and eventually formed the basis of the Tarot Deck.

It is linked to our life’s cycles: 

52 weeks in a year

4 weeks in a month – the four suites

12 months in a year – 12 court cards

As a child I watched my mother use these cards for fun for friends and family and I was drawn to use them too.  Over time I have developed this course and now share my insights and knowledge in my courses.  It is the only course of its kind available in Ireland today.

It is a fun filled day, with clear simple instructions and comprehensive notes.

You will be surprised by the clarity and information the cards give in an easy uncomplicated way.

All you need to take part is a pack of cards and a love of learning.

So join me on the 16th November in the Haven at Angel Times Limerick. Click here for more information.

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