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Authentic Feng Shui


Most philosophies from the Far East have been cloaked in secrecy.  Authentic feng shui and positive living have become more and more popular and this is now considered Aspirational and a life skill.  For some authentic feng shui is the ‘icing on the cake’; a sense of well-being and peace of mind that everything is ‘just right’.  For others it could make all the difference in the world to them and help them to get out of a negative state of mind or ‘rut’ they find themselves in.

Authentic feng shui is concerned with the relationship between buildings and occupants.  By matching your energies to the energies of your home and/or workplace it is possible to achieve harmony in your home and in your life.  In order to do this, it is necessary to know the dates of birth of you and your family so that you can choose or design a house, plot and location that harmonises with you/your family’s energies, or modify your present situation to suit you better.

Authentic feng shui also helps you to understand the rhythms and cycles of energy which affects timing – a very important aspect to getting things right in your life:

When your energies are at their best/lowest

Which seasons/years suit you better than others

When to invest money and make important decisions

Unlucky energies for the year and how to avoid them

When you can/cannot carry out works to certain areas of the home

In authentic feng shui terms, your health takes top priority followed by your relationships, and lastly, your wealth, so an authentic feng shui consultant’s priority is to tackle people’s health, relationships and finances – in that order.  Your health is your wealth; without it your quality of life is reduced, and the attitude of others towards you is adversely affected because your energies are poor.  Good relationships promote friendship and family harmony in your life, and the support of others brings love, kindness and benevolence.  If you have your health and good relationships, then it is easier for the wealth to follow.


Nina takes people’s dates of birth and works out the family’s individual birth charts – her own unique process that can be so spot-on people are blown away by her accuracy.  A person’s date of birth can reveal very interesting information about them, some of which is unique to them and which describe their overall nature in an astonishingly accurate way, such as:

Their personality and characteristics

Good career and life choices for them

The way they communicate and the time of day best suited to them when they are at their most energetic

How they interact with others and their true inner nature

The seasons and locations that suit them best or work against them

Their best and worst directions for their house, front door, cooker, bed and desk to face

The type of house or shape of property that suits them best

Their weakest organ and appropriate advice for their health

The best and worst years for them to invest financially, change home or career, or when to rest up

The directions and sectors that are afflicted with bad energy during each year


Accurately diagnose what has been going wrong for the occupants regarding family, health, relationships, career and finances

Accurately diagnose what is not working well for the occupants with the existing interior, what their needs are, and how to prioritise them

Correctly relate information specific to the occupants and their family’s personalities, health and the way they interact and communicate

Offer logical explanations both in terms of positive energy design and interior design as to why these events have occurred/inconvenience exists

Effectively communicate with the occupants on their wavelength so they fully understand the suggested changes, as well as what the resulting benefits will be

Suggest practical and aesthetically pleasing design solutions and offer simple suggestions for improving the health, wealth, happiness and harmony of the whole household

Transform the lives of the family members by transforming the home in which they live

Recommend therapists who can assist people to regain their health using natural alternatives


1.   Check the surrounding exterior forms and landscape with a view to ensuring the environment around the property supports it

      Example An ‘armchair’ formation of mountains that protects and supports the house thereby ensuring the occupants are protected and supported in their lives

2.   Address taboos according to positive energy design principles

      Example Ensuring the bed is not lined up with a door to the exterior, which is known as the ‘coffin position’

3.   Check timing

      Example What the current/future years hold in store for each person, and which areas of the home are affected by unlucky energies for this year

4.   Establish crucial dates

      Example Comparing the date of construction of the property/moving-in date with the occupants’ dates of birth to ‘match’ the people with the property

5.   The location, shape and layout of the property on its plot

      Example If a couple are living on a triangular plot shape the odds that their relationship will end in acrimony and divorce substantially increase

6.   The compass directions

      Example A property facing east is not going to be well suited to an occupant whose best direction is a westerly aspect

7.   The five factors in the home that impact most on the occupants affecting each and every area of our lives

      Example The location of the cooker and the impact this has on the occupants’ health and relationships

8.   Make recommendations to implement changes that will bring about a more positive outcome

      Example Remove mirrors from bedrooms so that occupants can get a good night’s sleep


There is no doubt we are all secretly ‘into’ ourselves – people love to learn about themselves and to talk about themselves!  That’s why authentic feng shui birth charts are so popular, because people love to hear personal details about what makes them tick, the best career choices for them, who suits them romantically, and so on. 

Authentic feng shui charts also give them a fascinating insight into people who play a significant part in their lives, especially when:

The information is explained clearly and logically so you can understand it and relate to it

The information is accurate so you trust in it which is important to you as it concerns yourself and your life

The information is followed by advice that you readily accept as you are convinced it can help you improve your situation

It is easy for you to apply this information to your situation to help you make sense of your life now and in order to see your way forward from here

Your date of birth reveals the following crucial information that can help you live life to the full and better manage your health, well-being and relationships throughout your life:


Each sign in the year moulds the personality and characteristics of those born in that year, as well as that year’s course of events.  Everyone is born under a sign according to their year of birth in the calendar. 

There are twelve years in a cycle and one sign per year.  Each sign has a certain set of characteristics that affects the personality and behaviour of a person born under that animal sign.  Some of the signs should get along well together, but there are those who find it difficult to tolerate one another’s company!


Everyone has a single reigning element from the five elements (i.e. earth, metal, water, wood or fire) which influences:

–     Our personality and characteristics

–     The way we interact with others

–     Our tolerance levels in the company of others

As well as this, the element affects:

–     How we should decorate our home

–     The type of house we should live in

–     The location where we should live

–     The season that best suits our element i.e. when your energies are at their best or their lowest

A person’s element is affected by another person’s element in different ways and this determines how we interact together.  For instance, a person whose element is fire will be exhausted by a person whose element is water, because water quenches fire.  Conversely a person whose element is wood will be supported by a person whose element is water.  Therefore, some people belong to an element that benefits our own element so we feel supported by them, whilst other people may belong to an element that harms our element so our energies are depleted by them.


Everyone has a number, and these numbers range from 1 to 9.  The numbers are applicable depending on your year of birth and whether you are male or female.  Your number does not directly relate to your reigning element or to your sign.  Your number relates directly to:

–     Your health (weakest organ)

–     Your form of communication (group)

–     The energies nature gave you (best and worst directions)


Everyone belongs to one of two communication groups, one group being east and the other west.  East group people find it easier to communicate with other east group people, and west group people find it easier to communicate with other west group people.  When people from opposite groups try to communicate with each other there are often misunderstandings, because they are on two entirely different wavelengths.  This has an adverse effect on our relationships and our ability to relate to certain people.  However, as communication is a skill, it can be improved to help overcome this barrier.


Everyone has a weakest organ, which is the organ that takes the greatest impact of negative energies from our surroundings, and/or a poor diet and lifestyle, and/or stress.  To better manage and look after our health, we should monitor our weakest organ for signs of impending illness, and avoid things that will aggravate or negatively affect those organs.  For instance, if our lungs are our weakest organ, then we should avoid smoking, and if our liver is our weakest organ, we should avoid excessive alcohol consumption.


Everyone has a set of four best and four worst directions.  Our best directions are directions we should face or sectors we should locate ourselves in within our homes, in order to get the maximum positive energy from our surroundings.  Our worst directions should be avoided, in order to minimize any negative impact on our energy and in our lives.


Now, following the recent economic down-turn and right at the start of the up-turn, this a time when you need to feel more positive and uplifted, and these are the benefits of authentic feng shui.  People want to know about how to get more support into their lives and how to develop better coping strategies, and these are the teachings of authentic feng shui. 

It is essential that authentic feng shui presents an opportunity for people to undergo a process of true change, improve their living environment, gain a more positive outlook, and develop on a personal level to make the most of their lives, as well as teaching you how applying the principles authentic feng shui which can:

Bring about balance and harmony in the home and workplace

Promote health and well-being

Improve relationships and career prospects

Increase opportunities, fortunes and finances

Change the occupants’ lives for the better

Nina Kati will be in the Haven Workspace above Angel Times on Sundays 2nd and 9th February from 10am to 4.30pm. The cost for the two days is €180 in advance and more details are to be found here.

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