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Archangel Reiki with Janet Kingston

Archangel Reiki

Archangel Reiki with Janet Kingston

Archangel Reiki Healing Workshop with Janet Kingston 2.30pm – 4.30pm  €100 inc €50 dep.

ARCHANGEL REIKI is a beautiful merging of the energies of the seven Archangels used in this healing, together with the Spiritual energies of the recipient and the therapist. All forms of life continue to evolve Spiritually. So too, the Angels and Archangels are also on their Ascension path, earning their brownie points and gaining higher, Spiritual vibrational levels, according to how well they do their job with us. When we connect with the Angels, we expand and grow in our own Spiritual development, Angelic beings flock to our earthly dimension to assist us in raising our Spiritual consciousness.

The vibration of the earth has been raised with the recent re-alignment of our planetary system, and our present earth’s vibration now resonates more closely with that of the Angelic Kingdom, enabling humanity to merge and work with Angelic beings as never before. Hence it is that Archangel Reiki have now become available to us. In Archangel Reiki, the Angel for the attunement is the ‘Angel of Presence’. This Angel has been with you all your life, a bridge of connection with Divine Source, working with your Guardian Angel. This Angel sees all the good inside you; your inner beauty; and knows where you are in your Spiritual development; what you are learning, and your level of consciousness. This Angel knows your thoughts, your emotions, and sees the beauty of your Light, with no judgement, only unconditional Love and acceptance. You are indeed greatly loved!

Archangel Reiki is a merging of the Archangel energies with the client and the practitioner. As the practitioner, your hands remain on the client’s shoulders; you visualise yourself as one with the Archangel, – eyes to eyes, face to face, hands to hands, until you can see yourself through your Angel’s eyes. You are part of the Angel. This attunement with the Archangels enables you to channel this energy for yourself, your clients, your friends, or whoever asks you.

There are seven Archangels with whose energy you are attuned, with a different symbol for each Archangel. Each of these seven Archangels has different attributes: • Archangel Michael brings strength and protection, and helps you to destroy old habits which no longer serve you; • Archangel Raphael brings healing, abundance, wholeness, unity and Divine connection; • Archangel Gabriel brings guidance, vision, inspiration, communication skills and teaches you to live by your heart; • Archangel Uriel brings peace and tranquillity, prosperity, and helps you to change your energy in order to attract what you need; • Archangel Anael helps with all kinds of relationships and teaches you to love yourself; • Archangel Jophiel brings Spiritual knowledge, wisdom, connection with Source and your Guardian Angel; • Archangel Metatron brings knowledge of the higher dimensions, increases your Light energy levels, energises your chakras, and transmutes negativity. You must be very aware and very conscious after your Attunement, of the purity of the energy with which you are now attuned, and which you now carry in your force field and aura. Be open to whatever happens in your life, knowing that these mighty Archangels are with you every step of the way, surrounding you in wings of loving Light.

PLEASE NOTE To do this you must have completed a different basic healing modality, such as Reiki 1, basic IET or Rahanni etc.




Janet Kingston also offers one to one Reiki Sessions. To find out more click here. 

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