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Ancestral Healing and Cellular Memory Healing

Ancestral Healing and Cellular Memory Healing with Mary O’Halloran

Mary O’Halloran is an Ancestral Healing Therapist. However, she also is qualified in many other therapies which she can also offer. For instance, Bio-energy, Cellular Memory , IET, Stress Management, Light Therapy & Nutrition are just a few.

Mary specialises in releasing emotional blocks (past present and future), as a result, helping you to move forward in your life. In addition, Mary unlocks and releases deep unconscious patterns that no longer serve, which she then transmutes and transforms. All of this by tuning in to the subconscious.

We have inherited behaviour patterns, mind sets, and energy blockages that keep us stuck and therefore, are at the root of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. These are cleared and replaced with vibrant energy that the body Mind Spirit integrates as needed.

Ancestral Healing and Cellular Memory Healing are becoming increasingly popular.

She will combine the therapies as needed unless the client has a preference for one or other modality.

Ancestral Healing with Mary O’Halloran is great for clearing doubt, mistrust, passivity, shame, fear etc which has been absorbed through life experience or from the ancestors. As a result, as the blocks are transmuted, the gifts are awakened.

A session is 1 hour approx. and costs €70 including a €20 deposit.

Mary is in Angel Times Limerick next on Thursday 30th July.

Should you wish to pay the €20 deposit via Paypal online please click here. However, If you wish to pay by phone please call the shop on 061 412882.

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