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Angel Times, Limerick’s first Angel Shop, was opened by the husband and wife team Janet Kingston and Stephen Ryan in October 2004. 

In early 2004, we were living in Dublin, Janet working in a record company and Stephen in IT sales. When we were both unexpectedly made redundant on the same day, we said we decided to put the question out to the Universe. What should we do next?

It seemed that there was something out there looking out for us because things began to fall very quickly into place. So we moved to Limerick and started Angel Times. Janet is from Limerick originally and we both had an interest in everything Holistic.

We both believe in guardian angels and thank them daily for the help that they provide. Also, we truly believe that we would never be where we are today without the continuous guidance and help from our angels.

In November 2009 an opportunity arose for us to expand the business by purchasing Sacred Earth in Ennis, Co. Clare. Again, we put our trust in the Universe and made that leap of faith. In November 2011, we renamed Sacred Earth as Angel Times Ennis. We took the decision in February 2019 to close the Ennis branch so that we could concentrate on one location. 

In summer 2014 a further opportunity arose for us to expand again. This time one of the floors above us provided us with an opportunity to open a workspace for workshops and events that would not have fit in our therapy rooms downstairs. We opened the Haven Workspace in September 2014.

Janet is a Tera Mai Reiki Master and runs courses in Reiki.  Stephen runs the Artist’s Way course which is about discovering your creative self.

To hear an interview on Limerick Community Radio with Janet in March 2020, please click here.

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