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A Course in Miracles

When I first began reading A Course in Miracles I had no idea what the author was speaking about. I would sit and read a page or two or sometimes just a paragraph or a line and wonder what the author was saying.

However there was one unmistakable and recognisable quality that I understood right to the core of my being. That quality was an incredible feeling of love that would pour out from the words and sentences before my eyes.

It was like I was listening to a beautiful Italian opera where I had no understanding of what the words and phrases the singer was singing about except that I knew that the singer was singing about love. And so it was with A Course in Miracles from the moment I opened the book I heard the song, the melody, the love.

That love called to me from every line I read. Often I would read a line over and over and repeat it to a friend and ask them if they could hear it too. It was that quality of love that spoke to my being that kept me reading the course to this day.

As I have read the Course over the years I have learned that it is to be lived, applied.

Without application its beautiful message and teaching is lost to us, and it becomes an intellectual exercise. But if it is lived and read with the heart a change comes about within us. If we are willing to be open to the true meaning of the words then a transformation occurs within our heart and minds. The course in miracles brings us to peace, to a quiet mind. 

The Course tells us that

 ‘the memory of God comes to a quiet mind. It cannot come where there is conflict, for  a mind at war against itself remembers not eternal gentleness’

 In conflict we remain unconscious of the truth. Conflict keeps us in terror and fear. The ego thought system of separation keeps us in fear to fulfil its purpose of keeping us focused on the externals just in case we decide to explore inner space.

I leave you with the following quote from the course,

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, Herein lies the Peace of God’

Elaine Dowling

Elaine will be in the Haven Workspace above Angel Times on Saturday 19th October for a day workshop entitled Exploring A Course in Miracles. Full details are available here.

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