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Unicorn Reiki Practitioner Course


Unicorn Reiki Practitioner Course

Author Eileen McCourt will be back on Friday 6th October to give a Unicorn Reiki Practitioner Couse from 2 to 5pm. To do this day you must have already completed Reiki 1 and 2.

Unicorn Reiki was one of the first non-traditional Reiki healing energies to be channelled with the special evolution of the earth in 2012. Unicorn Energy is unique, coming as it does from the mystical, high vibrational, pure Light energies of the Unicorns, who share the same domain as the Angelic Realms. And like Angelic energy, Unicorn energy is filled with pure Light and unconditional Love. This is all they know.
When you are introduced to the Unicorn energy, you will feel uplifted and remarkable healing will take place. Unicorns will reunite you with your true self and buried life experiences within Atlantis and your past. They will purify and cleanse your thoughts, so you no longer hold onto harmful negative emotions.
Unicorn healing is usually done by working in the auric field with the practitioner’s hands hovering and not touching the client. Unicorn energy works by removing negative energy and opening blockages using vortex pulse waves, whereas traditional Reiki is a consistent pushing energy, where the healer has to move their hands. Unicorn energy feels like soft cotton balls wool, and is often felt moving up the client’s arms or down their legs.
There are 3 symbols to be used in Unicorn Reiki , which the newly attuned practitioner is given, with which to work. Distance healing can also be done.
Know that once you are attuned, your unicorns are with you for life. Enjoy the wonderful new experiences they will bring you!
Course includes Attunements to the Unicorn Energy; course manual and Unicorn practitioner certificate. Numbers limited. €100 inc €50 deposit.

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