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Symbolism and Art – Working with Spirit Workshop

Symbolism and Art. Working with Spirit Workshop

Within this workshop we will be working with spirit and your intuition interpreting Symbolism which comes in many forms: shapes, images, symbols, colour, numbers, animals etc… this will be explored in-depth looking at the interpretations. Discovering your hidden potential and having a better understanding of how spirit work with us. Spirit deliver messages in many ways and it is how we interpret these messages.

Working in a safe and friendly environment this is very much a pro-active workshop, working in pairs, which will help you to gain confidence and trust in spirit giving and receiving messages to each other, that symbolism is all around us not only with mediumship but also in your own personal life and the messages that spirit and the angels are relaying to you comes in all guises.

Spirit art will also be introduced with Aurographs and other exercises, understanding how they work and how they can be beneficial  within a reading if this is the path that you choose to take.

There will be a guided meditation for grounding, protection and opening up to your intuition and guidance from the spirit realms.

This workshop is for all levels from beginner to working mediums, learning never stops it is an on-going process and it is not about how you draw but what you draw and you may be surprised what this will inspire you to pursue in the future.

All materials will be supplied and you will receive a certificate of attendance.

This Workshop will be taking place in the Haven Workspace, Thomas Street, Limerick on Sunday 4th November from 10am to 5pm. The cost of the Workshop is €90 payable in advance.

Susie will also be doing individual readings in Ennis on Friday 2nd and in Limerick on Saturday 3rd of November.

Should you wish to pay the Fee online please click the button below making sure to include your contact details.