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Energy Detox & Balance / Full Energy & Body Clearance / Starseed

Experience a safe place to let go, relax and receive gentle energetic healing and massage. In this space you will experience true connection with your own beauty and energy. Using different universal energy techniques, Lee channels and acts as a conduit for healing the energy body. Our energies are responsive to our world, our mind and thoughts are responsive to our energies and our body is responsive to our thoughts and mind. Healing the energy body and moving what is stuck helps people move past what is truly blocking them from happiness and being who they truly are. This type of energy healing clears out all the conditioned learning that we need to realise and unlearn so that we can move on and live empowered lives. A One to One healing experience with Amma Saralee is unique and special for each person and comes highly recommended.

A one hour Energy Detox and Balance with Lee costs €60 inc €20 deposit, A Full Energy and Body Clearance which includes Consciousness Amendment (SRT) and Subtle Emergies takes 1.5 – 2 hours and costs €90 inc €20 deposit.

Star seed is high octane healing that uses and anchors the highest frequencies of light, symbols and language. It channels high vibration energies such as lady Nada, the divine mother Mary, Jesus Christ the divine healer and other highly advanced beings of light. Clearing the characters of old energies that no longer serve and anchoring a new high octane light and Vibration. Star seed healing takes up to 90 minutes and costs €133 inc €20 dep.

Saralee is in Angel Times Limerick Fridays.

Should you wish to pay the €20 deposit online please click the button below making sure to include your contact details and the details of the event you are booking.

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If you wish to pay by phone please call +353 61 412 882.