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Numerology Readings with Ute Klingler


Numerology is the science of numbers, which are based on the fundamental assumption that all numbers are energetic vibrations, like we are also beings of 99% energy and only 1% matter. Therefore our personal numbers resonate in us.
Using numerology, you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, inner needs, emotional reactions, and ways of dealing with others, as well as your talents.
In daily life numerology can guide you to make decisions easier and step on to the path you are meant to go.

Your personal numbers can answer questions like:
Who I truly am? What is my destiny, my life purpose?
What is the right career for me?
Who is my perfect match or soulmate?
What are my talents?
What are my main challenges to overcome?
When is the best time to get married, -change career,-move to a new home ….

Ute will be in Angel Times Limerick on Wednesday 26th September for a day of readings which cost €60 for a 45 minute session. Please call 065 6864800 to book.

Should you wish to pay the deposit online please click the button below making sure to include your contact details and the details of the event you are booking. 

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