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Martina Aylmer Angel Card Readings in Angel Times

Martina Aylmer is offering readings in Angel Times Limerick every Wednesday and Friday Morning along with one Saturday a month. Martina channels intuitively through the Angels bringing messages of comfort and healing from the Angelic Realm. Readings are uplifting, positive and allow the client to gain perspective on life’s gifts and challenges in a comforting environment. They will last 45 mins approx and cost €60 inc €20 deposit.

Martina will also be in Ennis on Thursday 22nd June.

Should you wish to pay the €20 deposit online please click the button below making sure to include your contact details and the name, date and preferred time of the event you are booking. Check our Calendar to find the day that suits you!

If you wish to pay by phone please call +353 61 412 882.