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Introduction to Numerology


Introduction to Numerology with Mary Bates

Numerology is the ancient metaphysical system of numbers which helps you reveal the blueprint of your life.  Learning about the numbers and their vibrations can help you to understand your destiny and life purpose.

This one day workshop will teach you to develop self love and understanding to improve your relationship with yourself and others. .  You will learn the importance of your name in your destiny, how it impacts your relationships, finances, travel, study or work on your personal and spiritual development,

You will receive a complete manual and have the opportunity to learn your core numbers in your numerology chart.  You will learn how to do a basic core number chart and apply it to your life.

There are many numbers in your numerology chart but in this workshop we will learn about the core numbers that have the most significance with respect to your personality and your life’s journey:

Life Path Number

Expression Number

Soul Number

Personality Number

Maturity Number

Its important to ‘blend’ the numbers to get an accurate reading for yourself and others.  It the entire combination that paints the whole picture.

This introductory Worskhop will be taking place in the Haven Workspace, Thomas Street, Limerick on Sunday 14th October from 10am to 5pm. The cost is €133 in advance.

 Should you wish to pay the fee online please click the button below making sure to include your contact details. 

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