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Embracing Change Through a Positive Mind-Set

Embracing change

Would you like to develop a mind-set to help you improve your success in business, financial abundance, intimate relationships, spiritual growth, and much more?


Join us for this innovative 1 day workshop, based on the philosophy of Louise Hay (author of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’) and discover:

How to improve your relationships, starting with the one with yourself.
How to bring ease, peace and joy into your life.
How you are the most important person in your life.
How you are good enough for all situations.
How to attract the life you want.

This transformative workshop is a wonderful opportunity to bring awareness to your thoughts, embrace change through positive statements and to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

The course will be delivered by accredited Heal Your Life© teachers Gillian O’Gorman and Maureen Grogan. Gillian, a qualified Life Coach, specialises in releasing old patterns and reaching goals in all areas of your life. Maureen, a qualified Reflexologist and IET Master will help you learn to be aware of balancing your energies and enable you with a toolbox of skills to manage stress and challenges in daily life.

Be prepared for change by creating a positive mind-set to manifest the life of your dreams.

The 1 day workshop will take place in the Haven Workspace aboove Angel Times on Saturday 14th October from 9.30am to 5pm. The fee is €95 and a €50 deposit required to secure your place.

Should you wish to pay the deposit online please click the button below making sure to include your contact details and the details of the event you are booking.

If you wish to pay by phone please call +353 61 412 882.  

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