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DYNAMYKA Light Body Activations with Sara Lee Cassidy



Our Lightbody is a multi dimentional superconscious structure of light,  it holds a sacred geometry that links us to all elemental spheres of being: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. The light body is connected and fuelled by source directly and is electromagnetically linked to our multidimensional self and the universe.

It connects us to our original light codes that when activated assist us in translating and manifesting our unique soul purpose and unique gifts. DYNAMYKA light body energy system views each cell in our body as interdependent, a mirror connected to the micro-macro mind structure of the whole, .just as our light is connected to the central light of source and oneness, the sun is the heart outside our body. Our life is part of this energy and light; the whole. MERKABAH  of light means spinning body of light connected to the whole. DYNAMYKA activates the light body and reconnects you to the whole using specific mudras and energy work to connect the light body to the whole. A new dynamic energy of light activation.

Lightbody Activations are infusions of light codes, light crystal visualisations, hands on healing, shifts in consciousness and light language activations. The activation  changes the physiology of the cellular and molecular structure within the Helix of our DNA, allowing the body to be less dense and freer to express itself with the source of the universe. The Mercurial light ray from source activates the soul star which is unique to each individual which changes the cellular compound of each cell anchoring the higher light frequencies of the new age into mother earth. The celestial gateway for Christ unity consciousness on earth,  realigning the physical body and surrounding energy field with the new frequencies. IN the light body activation the mercurial light ray of source is activated. The supra mercurial compounds of light.alter the human DNA hexicon in the circular compound and renenerate cellular plasma, reniforcing  the cellular plasma, eliminating mutations, toxins and pathogens causing ill health. The Mercurial structure of light heals and integrates the defence mechanism within the  human cell and changes its structure.

This healing is an upgrade to your vibration and works through the heart  space directly. You will just know if it’s for you as your soul and heart will speak directly.

A session takes approx. 1 hour and costs €70 inc a €20 deposit.

Saralee is available Saturdays in either Ennis or Limerick.

Should you wish to pay the €20 online please click the button below making sure to include your contact details and the details of the event you are booking.

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If you wish to pay by phone please call +353 61 412882



The DYNAMYKA tree of life course allowed my blockages to be released with ease and it gave me the clarity to move forward with confidence on my spiritual journey, my fears just melted away. Elaine Murray, Cork city. Treatment Centre, Dervish Holistic Centre, Cork

I didn’t know what to expect from DYNAMYKA light body activation, but something inside me, I’d imagine my higher being, told me that it was for me.  I had been battling with sentimentality and emotional baggage,  and no matter how I tried to put them out of my mind,  or prayed for them to be taken from me, they were not shifting. I felt heavy and laden down.  During the relaxing treatment,  I felt what I would describe as the pulsing of Divine energies through my body, starting at my head and going all the way down to my feet, I felt my body come alive, then Archangel Michael let me know he was working on me.  Then, Lee concentrated on my stomach area for quite a long time,  I had felt my emotional baggage to have been there.  Gradually, I felt movement in this area and finally I physically felt a total shift of this baggage, I could hardly believe it.  I felt so happy and light and literally bounced off the table and out into the world again.   I would highly recommend this activation,  because I found it to be spiritually rejuvenating and uplifting and it worked when nothing else had. My spiritual growth is still a work in progress,  but I feel that this has given me the jump start I needed to start living in the present.  Breda O’Brennan, Limerick. Treatment Centre: Angel Times

This was my first time experiencing a Lightbody activation. I couldn’t believe how I felt after the treatment,  I felt safe , secure, warm and light (not only in Weight but full of light ). I was filled with light. The experience was balancing and I slept like a baby. Words I would use to describe this experience are beautiful touch therapy, energy healing and relaxing chant. Gaye  Moore, Life Coach (The Potentialist), Limerick, Private session, Limerick.

..”I attended the dynamyka light body activation workshop in cork. I was very excited to attend as I knew first hand how powerful and gifted sara-lee is.  The workshop was great, there was a small introduction where we got to know everyone and were introduced to the technique. then lots of demonstrations and time for practicing the routines. We worked in small groups to practice and got great feedback and guidance from sara-lee. The actual activation was the icing on the cake and quite something to experience! It was as though the whole group was surrounded in a bubble of warm, comforting energy. sara-lee guided the group perfectly and is clearly a master in the field.  I am blessed to have met her and the other amazing people at the workshop that day. Thank you 🙂  ” Neil Hammish, Dervish holistic centre cork’