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Astrology Readings with Petra


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Astrology Readings with Petra

Angel Times are delighted to introduce an Astrology Reader with 25 years of experience to our customers.

Petra Mesko will be with us on Friday 21st September next for a day of Astrology Readings. Each session will take up to one hour but Petra will need the date, time and place of birth at least one day in advance of the reading so that she can prepare.

Each reading will cost €80 with a deposit of €40 payable on booking.

Petra will provide an astrology birth chart, where you can see  personality, drives, fears, relationships, siblings, children, love, habits, money matters, career, health, psychological patterns, friends, education,  past life, transformation, growth and more.

She can also give information on

Compatibility – between two people/lovers, business partners, husband and wife, friends, parent and child.

Forecasting – usually one year ahead or more depending on request.

Child Report – parental guidance. The behaviour of parents and their methods  influence the further development of the child and can affect his/her  potential.

Suggestions on when to open a firm, when to have a wedding or when to buy or sell something.

 Should you wish to pay the deposit online please click the button below making sure to include your contact details. 

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