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Ancient Power of Dragon Energy & Spirit Healing Workshop

Jenny Wilson

Ancient Power of Dragon Energy & Spirit Healing Workshop


Facilitator: Jennifer Wilson. www.sacredtribe-energyhealing.com

Date: 8th April 2018

Time: 10am – 3pm

Price: 80euros including 20euro deposit

Strictly Pre-Bookings only as a max number of 12 for this Workshop!!!

Grounding Techniques if ‘New’ to Energy

Dragon Guardian Energy Connection

Dragon Power Connection

Dragon Activation

Working with Dragon Energy

Chakra Attunement to Dragon Energy

Instruction on Planetary Healing to Assist Mother Earth

Visualisation tool for understanding when One is out of tune with One’s own Source Energy and how to Reconnect

Visualisation tool for understanding when One’s Energy is being drained by another and how to Disconnect

Healing performed by Spirit Healers….full Energy Healing on All levels … Energy Level (power source), Physical Level, Emotional Level, Mental Level (effects of one’s beliefs on this energy level), Higher Mental Level (Intuition) and Purpose Level (on track or not) and Integration and Attunement of Dragon Energy!!!

A yoga mat is required for lying on the floor while the Spirit Healers perform the Healing; I shall at that time raise my vibration to a frequency which allows the Healers to use me as a power source to maintain their presence in the room, while they perform healings in a denser environment. These Healing Spirits that work through and with me, are only attuned to my frequency and ‘can only use’ my energy as a power source/battery to do so. Once they begin Healings, I can move around the room and hold the frequency. I will also check when treatments are done, that all levels are complete and if ‘They’ require me to tune in the new frequencies of energy into the chakras; I shall do so at this time.

As always the purpose of All healings is not just to heal but to empower the other to their own responsibility to care take their own energy and into recognition of their own power!!! Hence guidance on Energy Awareness shall be given and Tools to Ground in and Strengthen your Connections to Your Own and your Dragon’s Powerful Energy!!!

I am also guided here for each Individual to bring a candle as an offering to All Spirits present!!! We shall light it during the workshop and you may bring it home afterwards if you desire. It is also required for shoes to be removed (as grounding cannot take place through rubber soles), so bring slipper socks or double socks if need for extra comfort and a comfy throw or blanket to put over you during the Healing Treatment as body temperatures often change during treatment. If you have a favourite Crystal and want to bring it/them on the day also, feel free, they will bring their frequency and we can energise them also with the high frequency energy of the room. Please do Not eat meat on this day, (so energy is not diverted to digestion) but Do bring a light sandwich for a 30min coffee/tea break.