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Ancient Power of Dragon Energy & Spirit Healing Workshop

Jenny Wilson

Ancient Power of Dragon Energy & Spirit Healing Workshop

Part 2


Facilitator: Jennifer Wilson. www.sacredtribe-energyhealing.com

Date: 17th June 2018

Time: 10am – 4pm

Price: 80euros including 20euro deposit

Strictly Pre-Bookings only as a max number of 10 for this Workshop!!!

Grounding Techniques

Dragon Cards

Sharing Awareness of Downloads and Working with Dragon Energy

Activation of Dragon Guardians of Light and Dark Energy

Instruction on Assisting Mother Earth using Dragon Energy

Visualisation tool for disconnecting from old beliefs that hinder/or no longer serve your progression awareness and development of your gifts!!!

Visualisation tool for energising/powering up your awareness!!!

Spirit Healers Imprinting and energising frequency codes

Soul Door Visualisation for connection to One’s own Powerful Soul Energy

Dragon Group Healing attended by Spirit Healers….full Energy Healing on … Energy Level (power source), Physical Level, Emotional Level, Mental Level (effects of one’s beliefs on this energy level), Higher Mental Level (Intuition) and Purpose Level (on track or not, reset) Chakra Integration and Attunement of Dragon Energy!!!

Requirements: Yoga mat, Slippers or double Socks (shoes off), Throw or Blanket, Pen & Paper, Candle to light as offering of gratitude for all that will unfold during workshop (if desired it can be taken home afterwards). Feel free to bring Crystals if you desire, they will bring their own frequency and will be energised by the high frequency energy of the room. Please do not eat meat on this day (so energy is not overly diverted to digestion) but Do bring a light sandwich and/or fruit for a 30min coffee/tea/break.